The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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1. Chapter I

Chapter One:

It was lunch time.

The day was passing and I thought I had just walked into Social Studies when all of a sudden, he was announcing for us to leave to lunch. Glancing at the clock above my teacher's head I looked at it; 11:15.

So the time had flew by.

I flicked a brown strand of hair out of my face and closed my notebook and textbook, letting out a sigh. My brain hurt from all of the bright lights now being switched on and from the things I had learned in the such short period of time.

Kids filed out of the room as I quickly stuffed my pencil in my jacket pocket and stuffed my bright yellow notebook, named Social Studies, into my black shoulder-bag and placed below my seat. You see, my fourth hour class was only half done. To get all the kids into lunch before we leave school, the seventh graders, kids my age, had to have their classes cut into two parts. But if you're the lucky eighth and sixth graders that attended you didn't have to go until one of your hours ended and come back to a new one.

Yes, I was in seventh grade. It was weird at my school. I had only one friend, Ally, and I still barely talked to her, seeing as she had  more friends than I did.

My teacher’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts, “Though, I enjoy your silent company, go on to lunch before I lock you in.” The masculine voice of my Social Studies teacher called to me from the door. I noticed I was the only one in the dark, empty, room, and let a small sheepish smile as well as a small blush coat my face before pushing myself from my warm seat and jogging out of the door.

“Sorry,” I said quietly, feeling a bit bad to keep my teacher from his social time.

“You're fine, it locks from the outside anyway,” He smirked at me and I pouted, not liking my brain dead moment to be used to someone elses advantage. I should have remembered that.

Before I could retort and earn myself a sarcastic reply from my teacher I was almost knocked over as Ally glomped me. “I missed you,” Ally cried into my shoulder as my smirking Social Studies teacher stalked off down the hallway, still smirking. I watched him walk in the swarm of children released from Com. Arts, the class next to us, and present himself into the Science room where he disappeared behind a cement wall. I glared at my teacher's back, before turning, and pushing Ally by the shoulders, so that she walked backwards into the math room.

“Missed you, too, Ally.” I said into her ear making her flinch and punch me in the arm, my breath must have tickled her bare neck. Smirking at Ally, I changed my gaze to ahead of me, and I called out, “Mrs. Labheart! What did my trouble maker get on her test?”

My math teacher glanced at me from her swivel chair that was in front of her mini-fridge as she pulled out her lunch, getting ready to chow-down with my other seventh grade teachers as they probably talked about how annoying we are. A few kids scattered around the room were finishing a few problems on their worksheets before running out of the room, to lunch.

“What do you think, Ally, should I tell her?” Mrs. Labheart asked Ally with a brow raised, displaying her food on her desk to make sure she had everything.

“I say, tell me!” I cut in as Ally blushed and shook her head violently, making the tail of her hair shake violently as well.

Mrs. Labheart gave me a fake defeated look as I walked over and sat on the corner of her desk, “Well, I have to have permission from the owner so,” she shrugged. “Sorry,” she told me with no apologetic meaning in her voice.

“I need you to turn around for a second,” I told my teacher slyly, as I let my hand glide casually from my side, and finger the tests we did yesterday.

Mrs. Labheart’s mood changed and she said in the most professionally, childish, voice she could muster, “No! Don't touch my stuff with your gross little hands! I have to grade all those and it was enough trouble trying to get people to do the problems without my help,” she snapped, giving me a dull look. I smiled at her like a ditz.

“All you have to do is look away,” I pestered in a sing-song voice.

“No, go away so I can eat my lunch in peace.” My teacher replied stubbornly, picking her lunch up.

“Fine, fine.” I said, as I walked with her out of the room. Every kid, including Ally, had left. I flicked off the lights and closed the door while Mrs. Labheart tossed a ‘thanks’ over her shoulder. “No problem.” Mrs. Labheart stopped just before she got into the science room, where Team A teachers ate. and waited for me to get into hearing range, tapping her foot slightly with impatience.

“72%,” Mrs. Labheart whispered, and smirked at me. “You need to tell her to step up her game, it’s second quarter and third quarter is much harder.” Nodding, slightly happy that I was told, I told her to have a good lunch, while we both went our separate ways.

We parted and I walked to my locker 186A and expertly put in the numbers 10-18-5. Opening my locker I pulled out the only thing in it; my sandwich and a Mt. Dew: Voltage. Slamming my locker I started to walk down the sub hallway that lead to the main one.

As I walked, the eerie silence of the hallway creeped me out, and I felt an insecure feeling in my stomach. Something big was about to happen, or maybe it had already happened, and I was walking into it. Choosing it would be a good day to skip lunch I ducked into the girls bathroom. There was no door that lead in and out, it was open concept with the sinks and mirrors right when you walk in, then there was a small hallway leading to the stalls.

I noticed my gut started to tighten as I got closer to the feeling of something big coming became bigger and made me slightly nervous. Then an unknown source of adventure and adrenaline filled me, as I inched closer to the hallway that lead back to the stalls. Peeking around the corner I was shocked to see someone lying, shirtless, on the ground. There was a mop of soft-looking raven hair coming from the head, and from the back half of the skin on the person's body, one side looked paler than the other half, I passed the skin thing off as bad lighting.

Curiosity filling me, and my semi-shy self closer to the person, I craned my neck to see that the chest was flat; a boy. But what was a boy doing in the girls bathroom? I crouched next to the boy hesitantly, not sure what to do, and then I forced myself to poke his scarred cheek. I felt like my hazy mind was missing something with this picture, and the boy's face looked familiar. it was a texture that made me want to rub it, so I let my thumb glide over the flesh before I realised that was creepy and took my hand away. Jashin, what if he had woken up? 

I let out a small, hesitant, “Hello, you okay?”  Red eyes flashed open and darted to my face. Before I knew it, I was pinned down to the floor staring deeply into crimson eyes with two dots circling another, larger, dot.

I hadn’t noticed the cry of shock that had emitted from my mouth, but it had been laid out to the world, and I stared like a doe into the confused and scared looking sharingan eyes. He didn't even know what he was doing... I would expect being confused. I would too if I woke up in a place I hadn’t been, shirtless, and in the boys bathroom. I felt his pain because I'm empathetic like that.

“Ho-how di-did yo-u...” I couldn't force the words to spill from my mouth as my eyes traced over the scars on the face, there was no way that could be fake. But that would mean... No way. It looked and felt real, then, I finally had a legit thought placed into my mind. Obito Uchiha was pinning me to the ground.




“Please, don't kill me.” I whimpered as I closed my eyes. Kami, I'm such a pansy! Meh, I guess in times like this, when I'm pinned by a warlord in the making, I guess it was okay, just a little, to beg for my life and whimper. Wouldn't you?

But still, my mind tired to think rational. 'It has to be a dream, Social Studies went by too fast, maybe I’m asleep? No, I would feel a dull ache, not a hot, burning ache as my cheeks burned with my blush, because he had his hands locking my wrists to the floor to the side of my head and his legs had my waist between them. God, I’m such a pervert.' My mind ranted.

I don't know when he got off me, but I noticed when I felt a smooth hand brush off a tear from my cheek. Gah! I'm crying, okay, I'm easily scared... I need to work on that. “Why...why would you think I would kill you? Do my scars scare you?” 

I could hear the sadness in his voice, so I opened my eyes to look in his now black ones and shook my head, sitting up. I don't want to be laying down when I was this close to a boy and alone. I internally shuddered as I realised that.

“Uh, sorry about...” He gestured to the floor and scratched the back of his head. He was still innocent... Aww, cute.

I nodded, letting my eyes fall from his and to the floor. “It’s okay,” 'Maybe I should get on his good side, he seems down. Hmm... what to talk about.' “My na-name is...” Ah shit, I'm stuttering! Jashin dammit, me and my stupid shyness! Annoyed with myself, I grumbled out, “Max, yours,” I asked, holding out my hand for him to take.

Taking my hand in his, I noted the electrical sparks that emitted as he answered, “Obito, again, I'm sorry, Max-chan.” He seemed to notice my instant blush and he tilted his head cutely to the side. Oh that boy will get fangirl killed. He’s just too cute. “Are you okay.”

Letting a smile fall on my face at his cuteness, I nodded my head. Then I realised something, lunch would be over soon, people would find out about the shirtless boy in the girl's bathroom and me in here with him. Ugh, those rumors would kill me. “Obito, we need to get out of here,” I said seriously.


“One, this is the girls bathroom. Two, your shirtless. And three, you don’t go to this school, it’s not good if someone finds you, and you have to say that you don’t go to this school, not to mention you are half naked and that will rise more suspicion, and - do I really need to go on?!” I huffed, kind of happy my rant made my stutter go away.

Obito blinked, “Well, where am I anyway, and I know its the girls bathroom. But all I remember is sleeping and then, someone... touching me.” My blush and eye twitch made him laugh. It was a sweet, pretty, laugh that echoed. How could Rin not fall for him? At the thought I let my head bash into the floor, I would never compare!!!

“Why the hell are you laughing?” I growled, trying to get my mind off of that subject.

“N-no reason...” He lied, a hand over his abs. I looked up and stared at them, blinking. 

“You need a shirt, it’s weird to be shitless at school,” I informed him, looking away. 'Great now I had to give him a shirt.' I internally sighed. 'The only other shirt was mine. Well, here goes nothing.' “Turn around.” I told him, annoyance probably dripping from my words like venom.


“Just do it,” He silently complied and I threatened, “if you turn around before I say so, I’ll hurt you, Obito.” I stated while also turning around and unzipping my baggy purple-blue jacket, and tore off my black t-shirt, and threw it at him. I quickly pulled back on my jacket and zipped it up, not wanting him to see me in my sports bra. Oh how embarrassing that would be.

When I turned back around he had on my shirt and I swear to Thor, my heart stopped. He looked just so... him that it made the inner fangirl in my die and come back to life. He was even giving me a sheepish smile that I soon realised to be apologetic, and glared at him. That little, perverted, bastard. Cute or not, he was being hit.

“I will hurt you, Obito Uchiha!” I growled, using his last name as a distraction to punch him in the arm. “Jackass...” I glared at him as he gave me a look that hinted suspicion, but was mostly curiosity.

“...How do you know my last name?” Obito asked, his head tilted, causing some of his long hair to fall in his face.

I heard footsteps.

Grabbing his arm, and getting up while dragging him up with me I shoved him in a stall that had “Out of Order” on it and whispered, “Be quiet, be still, and don't come out. Stand on the toilet. Please trust me to be back.” I then left him there when he gave me a hesitant and small, nod. As soon as I closed the stall, girls with fake faces and still sluty clothes on, burst in. Laughing, giggling, and gossiping... until they saw me. Their conversation died like someone just commented badly on Justin Bieber. 

“What are you, like, doing in, like, here? This is, like, the girls bathroom, like, get out you, like, creepy freak!” One of them said, I didn't pay attention to who it was, I didn’t care. Obito was more important at the moment, than these fake retards. Any other day and I would have walked away with my head held high while they made snobby comments they found funny. They didn't like me because, unlike them, I got good grades and slept/missed most of my classes, because I take care of my ill father.

“This is the girls bathroom and frankly, I am a girl, not a washed up, potty mouthed, little whore like you douchebags. Now move before I die from suffocation by how much fumes I’m breathing in, stupid wannabes.” I talked proudly, Obito being my fuel to stand up for myself and not stutter like I usually do when I'm embarrassed or mad. I don’t want to seem like a weak girl when dealing with him, he was a ninja, weakness was not something they liked nor had a lot of, right?

While I passed them, one of them tried to trip me and I stomped on her ankle, making her cry out and clutch it in pain. 'Bitch better be lucky I didn't break the damn thing.' I thought, glaring back at her. Not only that but they whispered, “Freak”, “Teacher’s Pet”, and a bunch of other uncreative things about me that I didn't mind being said. Being a freak was fun, you had the privilege to do weird things, like eat glue and have it brushed off your shoulder. And Teacher's Pet? Pfft! I just did my homework, there was no secret that the teachers respected kids who actually tried in their class.

Quickly walking back to my classroom, I grabbed my stuff and laid a note on my teacher’s desk, stating that I had to leave because of an emergency and that I would be back at school tomorrow. That’s how it was with my teachers, they knew I had problems at home, my father being deathly sick and all, so they didn't worry when I got a personal call on my cellphone that meant I needed to go home right away.

Hell, it happened so much over the past two years that they just stopped calling the office every time it happened to talk to someone about it and just let me go. It was good that I had a proper excuse, it was an emergency anyway, who else in my school knew at ninjas? Maybe one or two out of the 2,000 kids that went here, me not included.

Rushing back to the bathroom, almost running into my Social Studies teacher as he randomly burst out of the Science room, I told him that I had to leave. He nodded and told me what pages to take notes on and then let me go. I peeked into the Science room and let my other teachers know what was going on.

Mrs. Labhart grunted, looking over her shoulder, and asked, “Hey, do you need a ride? I could give you a lift. I don't like you out there by yourself.” I shrugged and then shook my head.

“I don't want you to be late to class. It’s fine really. See you all tomorrow.” Mrs. Evans and Mama Jay smiled and waved bye at me. I waved back, trying to be polite, and then left, about running into three more kids.

I chuckled, running back to the bathroom just as the kids started filing into the classrooms, and slowly clearing the halls as the 5 minutes given to get to class were almost up.

Ducking into the bathroom as the hallways became empty again, I called Obito out.

He was clutching his nose and was glaring at me, “Why did it take so long?!”

Rolling my eyes at his childish and unneeded anger, I told him, “I can't just walk out of the building when I have homework and things I must do! Come on, we don't have time to argue, we can do that when we get to my house.”

“Why are we going to your house?” He asked, curious as he walked over to me.

“Well, again, this is the girl’s bathroom, also because it’s safer at my house, not to mention questions won't be spread. Look we have to go, I can answer further questions later just... follow me.” Since he was close to me, I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the bathroom, towards the door that left the school.

Not being stopped by anyone I hoped that kids were paying attention in class instead of looking out the window near the forest, how was I going to explain me pulling a boy with me from school? Ugh, I felt eyes and quickened my pace so that we were in the woods.

“We don't have to walk very far, just a mile and a half.” I informed him as I let go of him and made my trek over the creek while Obito just ninja hopped over it by jumping on one tree then to another. By the way he winced when he landed a thought popped into my mind; he wasn't fully healed, well at least not on the inside. Though I was not a healer ninja, I knew some things as common as that.

“Need any help?” He called from the other side of the rushing, freezing creek. His voice held no hints of pain, but by the way his eyes watered I could tell that the internal pain was bad. Stupid ninja, always trying to appear tough. Then another thought entered my mind, Obito liked helping people.

“No,” I expertly hopped from rock to rock only to reach a dead point in my path to the other side and I sighed, going back and rerouting myself. When I got over to him, he was leaning on a tree and I muttered a small, annoyed, “Sorry for the wait.”

“It’s okay,” He said, wincing as if it hurt to talk. Did it hurt him to breath as well? What was with the sudden change in ability to move?

With little courage I whispered, “Do you need help?” He gave me a quizzical look. “With walking, your panting.” I pointed out, he blushed scarlet and looked away from me and to the non existent path ahead. Noting that he didn’t want the help and seemed embarrassed that I noticed I shut my mouth and looked ahead of me, too.

After a couple of seconds my mind already began to wonder about Obito. 'How far was he on training with Madara? His Zetsu skin looked fresh, so was it not fully healed on the inside? Should he be resting right now? Has he seen Rin die, yet?' Questions flew at me and overwhelmed me to the extent of wanting to hug the poor boy, even if he scared me with his... stunt, earlier. He was a sad child and I wanted him to feel better.

I had huge respect for Madara, he saved Obito from death, and for that fact I was forever grateful to the old fool, even if the years of hatred had consumed his soul and made him a bitter man. He must have thought of himself, with Obito's long hair, and felt the urge to help. 

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I ran into a tree and glared at a laughing Obito who helped me up with a wince. “Is that it, Max-chan?” He asked, pointing to the annoyingly big house that hosted my father, my stepmom, her two small hellions, and I. I nodded with a glare at the stupid house. It had been my stupid stepmother’s idea. Buy a huge house and in the middle of about nowhere, we had no neighbors in a mile radius and that just added to the hardship of gaining friends.

“Yeah, you see that window, the one with the small ledge under it?” I asked pointing to the open window that led into my room. “It’s mine, do you think you could jump into that?” He looked at the window and paused a second before nodding. “Okay, when I give the signal come out and quickly hop in, you shouldn't waste time especially when your body isn’t even fully healed.”

Before I could leave he grabbed my arm, and yanked me around so fast I dropped my backpack. I stared into his coal eyes as he asked, “why are you helping me? You seemed scared at first but now...” His eyes were hazy, he would pass out soon. Just simply standing was probably working his body to the limit. Stupid ninjas!

I sighed and had the urge to hug him and cheesily say, “Because you deserve love and comfort and to be taken care of.” But I didn’t, instead I gave him a warm smile that seemed to shock him and I noticed his cheeks heat again. Hmm, I wonder why this time I didn't do anything stupid... Or did I?

“Well?” He asked, as I giggled about his blush.

“I’m helping because you deserve it and I want to.” I replayed the words in my mind, seeing as the shocked look on Obito's face scared me, making me think I had said something weird. Yeah, that seems like a good answer, so why was he so shocked?

With that I broke from his grasp of sparks and ran to the front of my house. When coming in I was quiet about it, making sure that I stayed on the carpet, avoided the creaky stairs as I climbed up to the second floor, and made sure that the hellions weren't home before hopping over their toys and ran into my room by a door near the large speakers of their entertainment center. Spoiled little brats.

I set my backpack to lean against the light purple walls that had dark blue stripes down them. I peeked around my black furnitured room.Wanting a shirt, I ran over to my dresser to yank off my jacket only to hear a thud behind me. I whipped around and fell to the floor while using my jacket to cover my body as Obito used the windowsill to stand up straight.

I bit my lip from cursing him out as he finally noticed that he had, AGAIN, seen me in my bra. 'Damn pervert.' “What happened to the signal?!” I growled lowly.

“I saw you by the window so I guessed that...” He shrugged as his eyes stared right out the window and anywhere but me. His cheeks, as well as mine, were stained dark red as I told him angrily to go into my closet so I could get dressed.

He limped over and stayed in the closet until I had pulled on my father's old batman T-shirt and then I called out, “It’s alright to come out now.”

He came out and stared awkwardly at the floor. “You said you would answer my questions. This place is very different. Where are we?”

I stared at him, what should I tell him? He was in another world? No, he would freak, maybe he had been dreaming of doing something big, like going to another world. 'Answer vaguely.' I reminded myself. “My home.”

“I need you to be less specific. For example, I live in the fire country. Where is this?” Great, now he thought I was stupid.

I sighed and shook my head. “I'll tell you later, for right now, go to sleep, you look ready to collapse.” I walked over to him and slowly dragged his protesting body to my bed, before gesturing to it and then taking a step back. But he grabbed my arm and gripped it tightly.

He looked into my hazel eyes with his tired black ones. "You'll answer my questions later, right?" I nodded. "Well, then thank you." He let go of me and collapsed on my bed, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

Looking at his sleeping form I felt a motherly side kick in and I rolled him on his back before putting a pillow under his head and a blanket over his body. Nodding at my work, I took my backpack to my desk and began my homework, getting lost in the geometry problems, Asian facts, formulas, and my essay outline.

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