Camp Counselor

I'm Maria and this, well this is the story of what my summer was like.
Are you willing to listen??


1. Chapter 1

   Maria POV

 Do I really have to get up?? I mean I know today is the day but do I? I'm so lazy. I thought to myself. UGH!! I guess I have too. I yelled mentally. 

 I pulled myself out of my bed and stretched. I walked over to my mirror and looked at all of the bruises.  I was kinda abused not to long ago. I took a quick shower and put on some high waisted black shorts and a floral half top that covered just my boobs. I dried my blue hair and put on a flower crown and make up. 

 The bruises are nothing I'm ashamed of. In  a why they are my fault. I yelled and got angry and one thing led to another. I picked up my phone and shoved it in my pocket with my headphones and grabbed my bags. I threw them into my car and got in. I sat in the car and took a deep breath.

 "Here we go. Please make it worth it." I mumbled to myself. I drove off and took the camp. 


 I'm a new co camp counselor at a small summer camp where I live in australia. I don't really remember the name but i'll find out soon. 


 I pulled up to the camp and smiled at the sight of kids running around and having fun. I never got this kind of childhood so I've always wanted to help other have it. I parked and got my bags. I stepped out of my car and it felt like everything stopped and everyones eyes were on me. 

 I walked over to my cabin and put my things on the single bed that was in the room. There was soon a knock on the door. 

 "It's ope." I yelled. I saw a tall muscular guy walk into the room.

 "Hi, I'm Ashton irwin. You must be the new Camp counselor around here. 

 "Yeah. I'm supposed to be working with you right?" I asked. 

 "Yeah. We have to go to mess hall right now. Here." He said and handed me a whistle and a id. the id had my picture and my name with Camp counselor at the top. 

 We walked out of the door and won the small dirt path they have to the mess hall. I could feel his eyes scan me over and stare at my bruises. I could tell he was judging me and questioning how they became where they are now. 

 "Look, You don't have to stare at me like that so how about you just back off okay. I don't need you judging me I o it enough myself got it." I snapped and ran to the mess hall and went to work. 

 (Hey guys!! This is a new story I thought I would try out. Please tell me how you guys like it. Sorry it's so short I just wanted to get something up!! Thanks. BYE I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS!!!)

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