Not Giving Up

My mother used to tell me my smile always lit up the room. "Don't you let anyone take that beautiful smile away, Cheryl." Now that I think back at it, all my life, since my parents have passed, that's all I've been doing. The day my life turned to hell was the day I stopped smiling. I had just thought I didn't have a reason to, but can you blame me? I was just a little girl when my parents were killed. My pack and my sister never comforted me, if anything they made me feel worse. I was broken. As I grew older, I thought I would never find that reason to smile.

All of that changed when I met Tyler and his pack, Blue Moon. They welcomed me in with open arms and made me feel at home. Soon enough I started to break down my walls I worked so hard to build up. Tyler stole my heart and blessed me with two beautiful pups. Now I can't find myself to stop smiling... that was... until he showed up in our lives...

*Sequel to Not Anymore*


1. Tragic

Chapter 1: Tragic

Cheryl/Cherry's P.O.V.

The wind blowing on my face, my heart pumping faster and faster with each step I took. I grew extremely tired, but wouldn't allow myself to stop. I knew my life and his depended on it. I could feel the tears falling down my cheeks; my face heating up. I didn't want to do this. But I had to.

I ran past hundreds of trees, jumping over logs and rocks, but I was careful not to harm the little being in my arms, sleeping soundly. The heavy sound of multiple paws pounding on the ground along with the nasty snarls coming a few feet behind me was alarming, but it only made me run faster. I had to make it. I just had to.

"They found me!" I called out through mind link. Several growls replied, confirming they had gotten my message, and they weren't happy about it. The paw steps were getting closer and closer by the minute. I pushed my self to go even faster still. It wasn't fair since I was still in human form.

I finally saw the path that lead to Mai Mai's cabin. The friendly witch would be waiting outside for me. I kept my legs running towards the cabin when I saw Mai Mai. I was going to make it! As soon as I was close enough, she raised her arms up, saying a chant in an unknown language. I looked behind me, just as the wolves were about to charge at us, a tall black gate was appearing from under the ground. They stopped and looked at it ,confused. That confusion quickly changed to anger as they realized they couldn't get to me. The wolves looked me and growled fiercely. I couldn't believe this. This wolves are willing to loose their life for someone who could care less about what happens to them. It was cruel, and he had them brainwashed.

I was quickly brought out of my thoughts by Mai Mai.

"Hurry Cheryl, the gate won't hold them for long," she ushered me inside quickly. I looked down at the pup in my arms. Michael. My tears came back as I remembered what had to be done. I gave a glance at Mai Mai; she gave me a sympathetic look. It's time.

I walked slowly to her. Again she started to chant something different. A golden door appeared in the middle of the room. She had told me before that this door was made to transfer anything, anywhere... even people.

"Do we really have to do this?" I sobbed. This is one my baby boy were talking about. We should have found another way! But deep down I knew it was too late and there was nothing else we can do. I looked back down at Michael. he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes, the same emerald green as Tyler's. He giggled as he pulled at the tips of my hair. I chuckled and sniffed, wiping my tears.

"You know we have to Cherry. We can't allow Lucas to get ahold of both the twins! We all know how deluded that bastard is." she mumbled the last part. Mai Mai is the only one who knows what Lucas is really capable of, which is why she agreed to help us. A couple weeks after Michael and Matthew were born, we got a threat from Lucas, a rogue. It was rumored that he used to be an alpha, but after his mate was murdered while being pregnant with his second child, he lost it and killed his whole pack. It was a very large pack from what Tyler told me, but for an alpha to go that far was fearful. I had heard his first child, his son, was only 2 when he ran off to the woods and was killed by rogues. It was a tragic story.

Apparently Lucas has heard of the Blue Moon's twin Alphas being born, and has this crazy thought of taking my pups and raising them as his to make up for his loss children. Mai Mai had met Lucas just after he went rogue. He had went to her asking for a way to back in time. Of course there is no such thing and when he heard that he became even more delusional and killed anyone he saw, even if they were human. I don't know how but he got together an army to help him capture my pups. Matthew is back at the pack house being guarded by multiple guards and Tyler. Mai Mai had come up with the plan that if we hide Michael somewhere Lucas can't find him, he'll give up on Matthew too. He wants two pups not one so Matthew would be useless to him. As soon as Michael is hidden, we will keep him hidden until we find Lucas ourselves and kill him. It sounds horrible, but we can't let him hurt anymore people and children. We don't know how long it will take, but hopefully not long. Mai Mai said she will be Michael's guardian until then. She will contact us frequently so we know that Michael is not harmed. Tyler and I were both hesitant about this, at the thought of being separate of one of our children, but we knew it was for both their safety. It's really hard for both of us.

I nodded and slowly handed her my child. "Please Mai Mai, take good care of him. We'll contact you as soon as his minions leave once they realize he's gone," I whispered, looking at my baby boy. I didn't even get much time with him. My tears threatened to come out again and I didn't stop them. I lowered my face so I can place a kiss on his small forehead.

I heard a rumbling outside. I looked back at Mai Mai.

"The gate is disappearing! We must leave now Cheryl. Throw this hard on the ground and think of the pack house, you'll appear there in seconds. Goodbye!" she handed be a glowing big marble ball before she opened the door, Michael in her arms. She walked inside it and with one glance back at me, was gone. Seconds later the door vanished. I didn't have time to cry before the front door was knocked down by the same wolves from outside. Just as they were about to leap towards me, I imagined the pack house just as Mai Mai instructed and threw the glowing marble ball on the floor. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain I would feel of claws and teeth, but felt no pain besides the aching feeling of my heart. I opened my eyes and was met by emerald eyes. Tyler. I looked around and noticed I was back at the pack house. Tyler looked at me with sad eyes. My eyes started to get watery again. He opened his arms and I went in them. He hugged me tightly, his chin resting on top of my head. I cried into his chest.

"Everything is going to be okay, baby, I promise," Tyler muttered to me. I hugged him tighter. " I promise."

"I hope so."


hehe im in trouble. I know I said I was gonna post the sequel like back in September but I really had like no fricken time cuz damn school has meh busy all the time and when I did have time, I looked back at the story and didn't like how I wrote the first chapter so I literally rewrote it like three times and it was frustrating. but yeah hey at least I can start this year off with finally giving you guys the book, well the first chapter lol and yeah im such a dork ugh. ok well hope you liked it cuz I seriously don't know if I like it but yeah comment let me know what you thought and you can yell at me all you want :p

p.s. it's not edited cuz I was too lazy ^^

jkl xx



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