Dominant: ONE SHOT

One shot based on Loki of Asgard!


1. Dominant

“Why do you fear me so?” He mustered.

His broad soldiers shifted as he paced back and forth, confusion and anger lacing his brow. His teeth were bared but his tone was controlled. Like barbed wire he was unsafe, not to be trusted, yet just about safe to look upon. A muted breath caught in his throat.

“Is it my eyes?” Green, serpentine orbs locked onto my face. Staring down a glint caught in their piercing depths.

“Oh ho ho darling, I see the way you look at me…your eyes scour this mortal body with animalistic lust and even as I speak your heartrate increases, your breath deepening as you ask yourself why I linger when I have the power to take you for my own”.

I held my breath, fighting what power I had left to hide my stupor. A bead of sweat trickled down my neck.

“And what a sight that lays before me”. Searching eyes, mapped my body, falling on the curves of my hips, breast.  Loki let out a soft moan, creasing his eyes as he licked his lips. I turned, hiding a blush. I needed to leave. Now. Several paces to the door; I could make it. Just a few steps, that’s all, not too difficult. Yet my body rattled with the effort. I hung my head low, urging my foot to make that second step when he was suddenly there: his chilling, cold breath, tickling the back of my neck.

“Loki I-“

His hands coiled their way around my hip, letting his fingers meander around to my front, pushing up the thin fabric of my cotton shirt. “Loki-“He let out another soft moan, tightening his grip for just a second.

“In all of Midgard, not one thing could please me more than hearing you say my name”. The fingers trailed higher, their cool touch making be shiver and tense. “I want to hear you moan it” His voice hung on the words. I know it should have been disturbing. But in all the sense I’d lost, I found it ultimately and insurmountably seductive.  

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