Youtuber boy

Opps did that seriously happen did i seriously say i like sam in a video i did with tyler Oakley lucky his wifi down... For now

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Tyler Oakley's pov

So is it true or not that a rumour is going around saying u like another youtuber right "right" she replied i knew jess what shitting her self in side i continued speaking saying well i know who u like sam pottorff she replied saying welllll... Going as red as a tomato and left the Camara view (makig a video) she came back 5mim after saying yeah in a really high pitched voice i did feel sorry for her but the truth had to come out so i could tell Jessica was embarrassed do i ended the vidro and walked her home.

Jessica's pov

Why did he have to do that i trusted him, seriously why was Alfie Deyes ringing me i answered it and he said u like sam pottorff i sigh and say yeah. Then the line went dead so i hing up and started editing my new video a Q&A lucky this was before the tyler video, seriously now who's ringing me, Zoe i answered it and we had about a 5min convo about how i like sam and how i should ask him out haha no so i finally ended the phone call and finished editing my video and posted it.

Sams pov

Why did my wifi go out seriously wait my twitters still working so lets tweet saying "wifi down so there wont be any videos for a while sorry guys :-(" until i get a phone call from Lia

Jesscias pov

Zoe was right if i like sam ask him out so i will... Ill phone him...

Sam -


=hey sam

- hey jess whats up

= i need to tell u something but promise u will listen to every word

-i promise now tell me i have news too

= sam i like u i have for the past two years and tyler said i like u in his last video which is true so zod said if i like u to ask u lut so im gonna... Will u be my boyfriend(gulp)

-seriously my news was that i have a girlfriend... Lia

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