Walking to the Gates

"Either way I'm looking over or under you encouraging you to stay strong and fight this war against society."
This is also on Wattpad as a Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction.
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2015


1. Prologue.


The frail girl walked with no life in her. Her once green eyes filled with wonder were now dull. She now had paste white skin instead of olive since she avoided any piece of clothing the showed the cuts on her arm. The self inflicted pain was caused by the words spat at her in the halls of her high school. 

Her class of 2016 only had a year left till the graduated but for her she only had a month or so. Not because she was graduating early but because she date picked out. One specific date. The number she think will solve all her problems. The number where she thinks she'll feel relief. The number she thinks will be the best day of her life. 

It was the day she planned to cut so deep and vertically so they couldn't stitch her arms up. She planned to swallow a handfuls of pills.

It was the day she's been waiting for since it all started.

One month to her was just enough time for her to say her goodbyes to her family since that's all she had anymore.

She's had the note planned out for months. She was making sure her family would be good before she could finally be.

Now she walked in the halls of her mini hell in her maroon skater dress, with of course her black leather jacket on top, she had on black tights with black knee high socks, and her favorite black Doc Martens.

She had head phones in as she hummed along to The Memory by Mayday Parade.

'Walk away

barely breathing

As I'm lying on the floor

take my heart

As you're leaving

I don't need it need it anymore

​This is the memory 

the curse of having

too much time to think about it

It's killing me

This is the last time

this is my forgiveness

this is endless'

No matter how high she turned up her music though she could hear the words sloshing her in the face. She's grown so used to it that she doesn't let them see the words are hurting her. They cut her like knifes.


'Dumb bitch'


She had finally reached her locker and quickly grabbed everything she needed as the five minute bell had rung. Everybody was already quickly exiting the hall going to there first period class. She turned around practically speed walking to class till someone shoulder checked her making everything in her hands fall to the ground.

"Watch where you're going freak!" The tall boy in the letter mans jacket yelled at her.

She rolled her eyes and got on the ground and started to pick up her belongings. As she picked up some of the papers she noticed another hand helping. She looked up and meet the most beautiful emerald green eyes and brown curly hair she'd ever seen. 

"Don't listen to the guy he's just an asshole." This foreign boy who she'd never seen before said to her as he handed her the stuff she dropped.

"Yup." She said popping the p.

"I'm new here where might the office be?" He asked.

"Right there." She pointed and practically whispered.

"Thanks and oh I'm Harry Styles by the way and you are?" He questioned.

"Haven't you heard it's Freak." She stated with no emotions shown in her and face. 

She turned around as fast as she could and took off speed walking.


(A/N) Im starting this over because Mason ended up not being a real person. Long story short I'm turning it into a fan fiction but I still want to get bullying awareness out so I'll be writing about a girl who gets bullied. I hope you can bare with me and enjoy this. 




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