Reality Helps Life

Last thing that happened was Luna Hemmings got into a car accident. What will happen now? Will she wake up? Will she even remember everything that happened? These questions can be answered in this final book of the Reality series.(1st book- My Brother Bestfriend, 2nd book- Appointment with Reality)
thank you @bxdaxx for the cover!


1. This can not be happening!

Luke's P.O.V

Everyone was talking when Luna came downstairs with her bags. I tried to stop her but, she kept going. I can't believe she's leaving me again! I knew she wasn't ready to drive. But, I just let it go.

After she left, I got told everything that happened. Luna had no right to do that but, she was drunk what do you expect! A hour or so after Luna left I got a call, "Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Luke Hemmings? This is London university hospital to inform you Mrs. Luna Hemmings was in a serous car accident. A Semi-truck hit her on the driver side. So, she got most of the damage, we don't know if she will survive. We took her right into surgery but, most of the damage was in her head. She should be out of surgery in soon. We are very sorry." The hospital said.

I just broke down crying, "Ill be right there! I have to be there for my little sis!" I shuddered. I know I should've tried harder to stop her! It's my fault, if only! I couldn't say anything to them yet without seeing her first.

I finally reached the hospital, I ran to the front desk asking for Luna Hemmings. They said, " Room 109 but she's in ICU. Only family members can visit." I showed her my ID and I ran right up to her room. I couldn't even recognize her, she had stitches all over and tubes down her throat.

I just broke down crying more than I was. "We were able to stabilize her but, she's in Acoma. IF she wakes up there's a 75% chance though that she could wake up with Amnesia."Dr. Patrick said. "Amnesia! What would she remember?"

"The closest thing that she would remember up to is maybe 2-3 years ago." He said. I just walked over and sat down next to her. "I should've stopped you! Its my fault now, I might never see you again!" All night I just talked to her.

At the end of the night, they told me to go home and come back tomorrow. That's exactly what I did but, once I got home I told everyone what happened. They couldn't believe what happened but, Ashton took it harder. He was crying just as hard as me, and demanding for him to come with me tomorrow. I told him Ill think of it.

I just walked up to my room and cried thinking about the what ifs. Then I finally processed it, my best friend might die and I am not ready for it. Then for the next year me and Ashton would visit her till the one day she wakes up.


Hey guys its Caitlin. Hopefully you guys like it!

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