Coming Home

You'll find out when u read the book


1. Alice

Alice POV


"Alice go pick a dress your social worker is coming!!" Ms.Holly yelled from down stairs... Ugh I hate my social worker he's always trying to put me with other familys it's tiring!!! I put on my favourite baby blue dress and ballerina slippers that are the same colour of the shoes.



~at socialworker's office~

My social worker Nathan was outside the door he's talking with his boyfriend. I decided to check my profile in the cabinets. 

"Where is it..." I said more to myself and nobody could hear me except me...

"Aha here it is, Alice Styles?" I was really confused I took out my phone and took a picture of myof all the papers


"What would you like in a family?"

"Nothing much just a caring family thats-"

I heard the nob put the profile really fast where it was and sat in my seat really fast... 

"So what would you like as a family?"

"Not much only a happy and caring family that's all."

"Ok then that's all so do you want me to take you to the or



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