Adopted By Who??? (Complete)

Scarlett is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


1. Chapter 1 (Getting Adopted)

"Ladies wake up" said the headmaster of the orphan. Scarlett got up and got ready for school, she was miserable there she had lived in the orphan for a year and a half, her parents had passed away and since Scarlett was underaged she couldn't live on her own and she had no where to go. She got dressed and went downstairs then someone said "Scarlett your not gonna eat before you go to school?" she nooded her head "no" then walked out of the orphan. Scarlett was a shy girl and had no friends as she just started a new school 2 weeks ago. When she got to school she walked to her classes.

~skip rest of the school day~

A couple of hours later it was time to go home. Then once school was out she walked back to the orphanage when she got there she walked in and went to her room she sat on her bed for a while and then did her homework. In the middle of her doing her homework one of the ladies there went into her room and told her to go downstairs as there was someone here to adopt a girl, Scarlett got up and went downstairs once she got there she seen a guy he looked around 20 he had brown hair in a quiff and a snapback on. Scarlett then noticed she was the first one there the guy seen her and said "Hello love" "Um hi" "What's your name?" "Scarlett" "Hello Scarlett my name is Liam" "Hi Liam it's nice to meet you" "You too Scarlett, so love how old are you?" "17" "Mmmmmm" "How old were you looking for?" "Doesn't matter to me" "oh" "yeah you seem like a cool guy " "Hahahaha thank you love" "Your welcome sir" Then the rest of the girls went down and Liam then talked to some and Scarlett got up and sat in the back of the room listening to her favorite band One Direction then Scarlett went to her room. Back downstairs Liam went to the fron desk and they said "So any of these girls seem like you wanna adopt one?" "Actually yes" "Who?" "Scarlett" "Ahhh the quiet one?" "Yeah her she seems really sweet" "You got her to talk?" "yeah why?" "We have tried to get her to talk to us ever since she got here and nothing" "She talked to me" "You want to adopt her?" "Yes" "Okay fill these out while I go call her" Then someone knocked on Scarlett's door she opened it and the lady said "pack your things your getting adopted" Scarlett smiled and began to pack her things she had when she finished she went downstairs then stood there, Liam then walked up to her and said "Ready to go?" "You adopted me?" "Yeah I did" "Oh okay then" "hahahah" "Thank you" "For what?" "Adopting me" "Is it that bad there" "I've been here for a year and no one talks to me" "Oh" "Yeah but good thing is that I have 1 week left of school" "What grade are you in?" "12th" "Your graduating already?" "Yeah" "That's awesome" "Hahahaha your a cool guy, I like you" "Hahahahaha I'm glad you do" "Me too" "Oh I changed your last name" "to what?" "my last name" "which is?" "Payne" "so my name is Scarlett Payne" "Yeah" "Ohhhh Okay" Then they got in the car and Liam said "I was gonna take you back to London but since your almost done with school i'll wait till your done" "Oooooo London" "Yeah" "I've always wanted to go to London" "Now you can" "Yes" Then it was quiet for for a while then Scarlett said "Oh my gosh how did I not notice this I can't believe it I just noticed it" "What love?" "The accent the name your face it's familiar" "What are you talking about?" "Your Liam Payne the Liam Payne from One Direction" "Yes that's me" "You adopted me I'm going to be living with you" "Yes, how did you figure it out?" "I'm a fan and I was starring at you in the orphan your face was really familiar" "Oh" "yeah" Then they arrived at a hotel the Liam said "Were only staying here until your done with school" "oh okay" Then they got off the car and walked in the hotel and went to the floor they were staying in Scarlett walked in and it looked like a house with a kitcten and 2 bedrooms Liam took her stuff and put it in her room then Liam said "Scarlett I have something for you" "What?" Liam pulled his hands from his back and held out an iPhone 5c in blue Scarlett said "Oh my gosh a new phone" "Yeah my number is already in it" "Thank you so much Liam" "Your welcome" Liam then went to his room and Scarlett walked around the floor and then she got hungry but didn't find anything she wanted so she sat on the couch getting apps and music on her phone then Liam walked in and said "Hey kiddo" "Hey" "whatcha doing?" "nothing downloading music" "Oh" "Yeah" "Hungry?" "Yeah I am" "Pizza" "it's like you read my mind" "Hahahahah let's go" "Okay" Scarlett then got up and went to go eat pizza when they got there they sat down and then they talked getting to get to know eachother more, then they ate and Liam said "I see that you don't have much clothes" "Yeah I don't" "Tomorrow were going shopping to go buy clothes for you and other things you need" "Okay yay so shopping day" "yeah just us two" "ok, I can't wait to graduate" "why?" "I hate that school I'm known as the weird girl" "You don't have any friends" "No no one talks to me" "Oh I see" "Yeah so I just wanna leave start new, new home, new friends, new friends hopefully, new me" "Yeah it's a new start" "yup" "so this graduation thing I'm going right" "Of course if you want to you don't have to" "Are you kidding me I'm going your my daughter now why wouldn't I go" "Cause you could have something better to do" "No I'm going" "Ok" then they got up and went back to the hotel when they got back Scarlett went into the room she was staying in and she seen many cases there she got one of the boys she put it on then she got her pjs then went to go shower when she finished she walked out and went to her room and put the phone to charge the Liam walked in and said "Your going to sleep" "Yeah gotta be up early member got school tomorrow" "Oh yeah only 1 week left" "Yeah I know" "well good night Scarlett" Good Night Liam"

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