My Bully

Sammie Irwin is a girl who just wishes for perfection. Yeah it helps with Luke by her side... but its Michael who pushes her into tht corner of sorrow..... "I'm Sammie Irwin, and this is my story..." I wiped a tear that fell.....

Written by:Kitkat135sos and 5Sos_is_bae


1. Intro

Lucas Robert Hemmings! Stop it!" I shouted as Luke finally stopped tickling me and we sat laughing. heruffled my hair playfully. "Why should I little Sammie Irwin?" he laughed back, I made a pouty face, "Because I will unleash the wrath of Ashton if you don't!" we laughed a bit more as w watced whatever wa on the TV... Then Ashton came in with Calum and Michael, AKA the people who hate my guts... at least I have my little penguin Lukey... "Come on we have band practice." Michael said pulling Luke up off the couch heading towards the garage. "Bye..." I said. "Bye slut" Michael said... All ashton did was elbow him slightly... great. I walked up stairs to my room to get into some pjs. I glance in the mirror tosee my ugly fat self. My blue and black hair that was barely falling over my shoulders. I let a tear fall as I bit my lip ring... I let out a shakey breath and walked to my dresser to grab m pjs, long batman pants and a black hoodie. I winced in pain as my shirt peeled off of my arms covered in scars. I slipped into my pjs and looked at the blades on my dresser, "Not today..."  I whispered walking downstairs. I looked in the kichen, "not today.." I whispered again. I don't need to get more fat... I sat on the couch as I heard the band start up... So here ismy story of my mother fucking bullies.

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