Band Sluts // Clifford


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Band Sluts 1


"Right there." Terran,one of my many groupies, moans. I thrust deeper and faster, causing her to gasp.

"When are-fuck-the other boys gonna be back?" She asks.

"Soon. That's why we need to hurry." I groan. The three boys went out to write songs for our upcoming album, so I decided I could call the closest groupie to where the bus is ,to please me.

"Fuck." I throw my head back as my thrusts get sloppier.


"So we wrote a song today." Luke says, sitting on my lap.

"I sorta figured." I yawn and attempt to push him off of me.

"We're going to a party tonight." Ashton calls throughout the bus.

"Perfect. More groupies. More sex." I say.


The music was blaring,lights were flashing, cups were clinking against each other.

I saw a girl.

Dark,curly, hair.

I smirk and take a swig of my drink before making my way over to her.

I grip her waist and pull her back to me. "Michael." I whisper in her ear. "My name is Michael."

She looked up at me. "I'm not gonna be one of your band sluts Mr. Clifford."



This is super short because it's mostly the intro woo


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