Towers // Irwin


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Towers 1

Andreas POV:

I laughed as I watched Ashton's 'girlfriend' yell at him from across the courtyard. Ashton Irwin, also known as dickface, used to be one of my best friends until he destroyed my life. But, enough about him.

I'm Andrea, Andrea Flynn. I'm 5'4 and a sophomore in high school. I love to take photos of everything and anything. And I'd say I'm pretty fierce.

I watched Ashton run after Kay and Kay turn around and slap him. You could completely see the anger rising in his face as he began to raise his fist at her. I stood from the locker I was leaning on and found myself quickly walking over to them.

"Ash, don't hurt me." Kay says.

I stepped in front of Kay.

"Irwin, calm down." His friend, Josh Rianne, said. I know, girly last name right?

Ashton looked at me with wide eyes and lowered his fist.

"Well, hello Andrea." He snickers. I rolled my eyes.

"Ashton," I replied and crossed my arms.

"Come back for more, I see?" He laughs louder.

"You sure wish." I scoff.

You see, Ashton and I had a little blowout in the middle of freshman year. He completely embarrassed me in front of the whole entire school.


"And student of the year goes to Ashton Irwin!" The principle yells into the microphone.

"Good job, Ash." I praise him and he stands up to walk on stage.

He takes the mic out of Principle Stans hand and starts speaking.

"So, my friend Andrea over here." He points to me and I look at him, thinking he'll say something super sweet about me.

"Well," he continues "she's a virgin, oh and she hates herself. She's never kissed a boy either. Also, she has these drawings in her room of fairies and pixies." He laughs.

I give him a confused mixed with please don't look.

"Oh, here's a good one. When she's on her period, she uses pounds of makeup, cause of the breakouts she has." He coos.

"No wonder why she's a zit face, too much makeup." I hear someone yell. I quickly run out of the cafeteria ceremony and hear a faint "bye Andrea" on the way out.

I ran. I ran until I got home to my little town home. While Ashton lived in what seemed like a mansion, crying in my pillow the rest of the day while getting hundreds of texts asking if all of it was true or making fun of my virgin self.

Later, I got a call from Kay.

"Hey," I choke.

"Andrea? Are you okay?" She asks.

"Uhm..yeah, yeah I'm fine," I began wiping the tears off my face.

"Would it be better if I were at your house?" She asks and my bedroom door opens. I stand up and hug her.

Kay was never really my friend. She only helped me that one time. But, she also told me Ashton said he was using me the whole time to embarrass me in front of a crowd.

When he finally did it blew up in my face.

*Flashback ends*

Ever since last year I've had a chance to redeem myself and now here I am.

My best friend Celeste walked up to me. Celeste was the kind of girl who can get any guy she wanted just like that. Sometimes, it was annoying.

"Ready?" She asked playing with her perfectly curled blonde hair.

"Ready," I confirmed and we walked down the hall, earning stares.

Ashton walked in front of us and immediately turned around when he realized people were staring,mostly at Celeste. I winked in his direction.

A lot has changed since that day and I am pretty happy for that, a new friend mostly. But she's better than Ashton ever was.

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