Detention // Hemmings CONTINUATION



1. 20: Calum


Detention is back. I just uploaded this as like a continuation because I couldn't post it yeah.



Detention 20


Luke squeezes my hand as we reach the lions cage. It stares at us and Luke laughs.

"What?" I ask.

He points to the lion. "He's staring."

I roll my eyes playfully. "Cause he wants to rip you apart,Lukey."

"Let's get churro's." He chuckles and pulls me towards the churro stand.

He orders two plain churro's and we sit down at a table.

He bites into his and gets the powdery stuff all over his mouth. I pick up a napkin and wipe his lips before quickly pecking them.

"Luke?" A voice says next to us,sweeping the floor.

Luke looks up. "Oh. Hi."

I look up at the man too. His name tag says 'Calum'.

"I'm Calum." He says. "Luke's old friend. You are?"

"I'm Amber. Luke's girlfriend." I reply.

"Nice to meet you. Luke why haven't you called me back?"

"Because I don't want to." Luke replies. "I don't like you."

"Luke." I touch his hand with mine.

"'s not that I don't like you." Luke sighs. "It's because you stopped talking to me. Yeah you called. Once. Two years ago. But, you still stopped talking to me. I thought you were one of my best friends."

"What about Michael?" Calum asks.

"He's still my one of my best friends." Luke says.


"Yeah. Same with him. We just don't hang out as much. He's always working."

I sit there,confused and eating my churro.

"Well,I'll let you two get back to your date." Calum winks at us.

I look at Luke as Calum walks away.

"Calum dropped out of highschool after getting into drugs and stuff...I'm not like that Amber I swear to you." Luke says.

"Luke. I know. I trust you." I grab his hand.

He nods. "Okay good. Cause I don't want to lose you."



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