The Book of Ivor

A funny creation of a friend of mine, I simply place it upon these E-Pages.


1. The Creation of the Marshmuffin

The Lord awoke, hungover from his holy night of loneliness, and marvelled at the existence of everything.
He stared at the world, and lo, it was empty.
And so he said, "let there be Marshmuffins", and so they existed.
He stared at the world, and marvelled at his creation, and the delicious.
He rested for the 8th day, tired, and still hung over.
And lo, on the 9th day, he decided to leave the world alone, and wait for a convenient moment in time, to allow a button, of holiness to be created.
One that would save humanity.
And lo, the Marshmuffin button was created, and handed to an unholy prophet, to safeguard, and to use at random moments in time, for hilarious effect.

Then the Lord drew a great breath, and bellowed, "MARSHMUFFIN!".

With which he slams his head upon the Marshmuffin Button.

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