Amber is new to all of the things in her life. But when Valentine and Kronos have begun a new group of sorts, a revolution some would say. She has to put herself in it to figure out what they are doing. Soon everyone starts to notice changes in the real world. More deaths, more violence, more injuries, more strange things. Amber knows what's going on, but she can't tell anyone cause she's on her own, right from the start. She knows Valentine and Kronos won't stop until they finished what they started.
Amber soon gets notice for who she isn't. She has to run and start her own group to save the world, but who can she trust anymore?

Creds to DarbiLin for help with title, story plot, and supply of cover. Cover is being made so it will be up in a few days or weeks.


1. Character Info (Will update as story moves along)

   Amber Caitlyn Styles


  Birthday: January 10

  Hair Color: Bright Red

  Eye Color: Blue eyes that can change to grey or greenish blue

  Background: Amber is special, her mom is a Shadowhunter and her, her older brother, and older sister are all demigods. Amber is the only one of them that is a child of the Big Three, her dad being Posiden. Amber though got roped into a dangerous mission. No one knows about this mission or whats going on. Her family and friends think that she's traveling to get some training in, but this is something more dangerous than anything anyones done. When she gets uncovered as a spy she has to run. Run and find people she trusts to help her take down Kronos and Valentine's plans.

TIME: February 4, 2015


  Harry Edward Styles

  Age: 16 in this book

   You should know hair color and eyes. But his hair is in his curls.

    Background: Harry hasn't seen his younger sister in ages. Gemma is in London training. Harry stays at Camp Half Blood to train both his Shadowhunter and Demigod skills. Unlike Amber, he is a son of Apollo. His friends, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam are like him, part Shadowhunter and part Demigod. They are called around camp One Direction and same goes for in the Shadowhunter world, but one member is missing. That person being Amber.



   Niall James Horan

   Age: 16 in this book

   You should know the rest

   Background: He's secretly been in love with Amber Styles. But she's been gone for a while. He is starting to have a bad feeling. She has a phone so she could have contacted us. Niall is the son of Zeus, and part Shadowhunter. He is one of the few people she trusts with all her heart.



    Liam James Payne

    Age:16 in book

    You should know. Hair is the quiff on top and close shave on the sides.

   Background: Liam is a son of Athena and a Shadowhunter. One of his friends has been missing. Things are different. He's one of the first few people to notice the disturbences in the Demigod and Shadowhunter worlds. He knows Amber needs to come back soon, cause she's one of the worlds best chances being the strongest Demigod and Shadowhunter in history. Even paces the Herondales, Fairchilds, and Percy Jackson.




  Zayn Javadd Malik

  Age: Just turned 17 in book

  You know, and quiff style

   Background: Son of Aphrodite and a Shadowhunter. He's earned his spot, and has proved people wrong about sons of Aphrodite. But he can feel the unbalance of love in the world. Somethings happening. He knows to survive and for the world to survive they need Amber.



  Louis William Tomlinson

  Age: 17

   You know and quiff hair

   Background: Son of Hermes and part Shadowhunter. He's given Hermes kids a good name since his half brother Luke died. He's noticed changes everywhere. He like all the boys miss Amber, his prank buddy. He's the only one that knows Amber's secret crush on Niall, and Niall's secret crush on her. Once she gets back he's gonna make sure they are happy. But the world needs its only hope of surviving first.





 This character list will update as we add charaters. So if new character is added look here for description and background!

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