Mated With A Royal {Lashton Vampire} *completed*



When a human turns 18 they can mate with a vampire who was born and turned 300, sometimes the same sex mates and it's perfectly normal. But this only happens one day a year OCTOBER 31 ST. Ashton is a ordinary human boy who's life gets turned around one day when he mates with a royal. Ashton gets kidnapped but can Luke save Ashton?




1. Part 1




part one




"ASHTON" I finally realize its my mom trying to wake me up.


"Ugh, what time is it?" I ask.


"6:39am, get out of bed!"


"What's today?" I ask.


"October 31."


"NO!!!!!!" I scream, in absolute horror.


"I know Ashton, be careful, Don't let the vampires bite!" She says.


YOUR probably thinking, why do i hate Halloween? Well, here's how the world works:

Back 1000 years ago, vampires came out of the shadows and told people about their existence because they where tired of hiding, from the world. But magically some how, for an unknown reason to humans about 100years after they came out of the shadows, vampires started to mate with humans. They say because of a secret affair a witch put a curse on vampires, so they can only mate with humans. Some humans and vampires are lucky and don't mate, like my mom who was lucky enough not to mate with a vampire.


But if your unlucky, and end up mating with a vampire, when you first mate won't be able to stop staring into there eyes, there eyes won't appear red, but there original color. That's not all there signature is marked PERMANENTLY on your right arm, which feels like your getting a tattoo. To add to the unlucky side a vampire set of mates can be gay. Like a girl vampire can mate with a girl human, or a boy vampire can mate with a boy human. Even if the human isn't gay. Well every Halloween after a vampire turns 300, they mate on Halloween, the human is always 18. So after you turn 19 you can marry any human you please.


Also the vampires are controlled by a royal family, the Hemmings family controls every vampire. The family consists of, King Andrew Hemmings, Queen Liz Hemmings, and there son prince Luke Hemmings. They had 2 other children (Ben & Jack) but they died during 1970's, during a bombing of a forest. Which left prince Luke the heir to the vampire nations throne. The king and queen of the vampires control the all the vampires from a castle in Sydney, Australia. And unlucky for me there castle is about 10 miles from my house.


And to be even more unlucky, prince luke turned 300 on July 16th and prince Luke is gay, the odds are so not in my favor. I hate my birthday why did i have to turn 18 on July 7th.




"I'm coming!" I reply, and say goodbye to my family. Then I walk out the door towards my car.


I got in my 2007 silver Poniac G5. And immediately Nirvana starts blaring through the speakers. After about a five minute drive, i arrive at school. I walk down the hall, every one gives me dirty looks. I'm hated, because Im gay and punk rock. I walk to my locker and see my only 2 friends standing there.


"hey" i say


"Hey Ash, did you hear about the assembly?" Michael asks.


"No what's it about?" I ask.


"If we knew we would have told you" Calum says.


"K" i reply, shoving my stuff in my messy locker. And we walk towards the auditorium. Me, Calum, and Michael sit towards the back.


I look up towards the stage and see the Hemmings family crest, printed on a flag hanging in the back. I only hope that this gathering doesn't turn out like last time,when they executed a student in front of us again for trespassing on the castle grounds.


The trumpets start to sound. Everyone falls silent, it is so quiet that you could here a pin drop. THEN, Out walks the king and queen of the vampires wearing extremely fancy clothes. Followed by Prince Luke wearing incredibly sexy ripped skinny jeans with a Nirvana t-shirt his hair styled up in a quiff. And his amazing glowing blue eyes, that you just get lost in, WAIT! Blue.


His eyes should be RED, not be BLUE. They have to be red thats natural it goes with his pearly white fangs that slightly hang out of his making him look like a hot sexy monster. Luke's cold icy blue eyes meet mine. We stare for what seems like eternity. I can't stop staring where both snapped out of our daze, By him hissing and grabbing his arm and toppling over. Just then I realize an unnatural pain form in my arm. I'm trying my hardest to hold in a scream.


The king and queen neel next to Luke. And suddenly Liz, Queen of the vampires asks "Ashton Irwin? Where is Ashton Irwin?".


It takes a minute to sink in, She is asking for me. I look at Michael and Calum and they mouth 'Run'. So without any thought, that's what I do.


I sprang from my seat, and ran towards the exit, faster than I ever thought i could, my gym teacher would be proud. I then quickly threw open the school doors and let my legs carry me to my car. I open the car door jump in, and before I know it, I'm speeding towards my house at about 130 Miles Per Hour. I glance back and see shredded rubber pieces all over the road, and charcoal black tire marks staining the road behind me.


Luckily for me, the road was empty, until my eyes meet the road again, I quickly realize that i am driving in the wrong lane. I swerve quickly to dodge an oncoming 18 wheeler.



I immediately I reduce my speed to 30 miles per hour. Then I slow down even more to pull into my drive way. As soon as I park my car next to my mothers car, run inside using the fastest speed my legs would carry me into my house my house. As soon as I step through the door, I slam it closed and lock it then I put a chair under the handle hoping it would keep any unwanted vampires out of the house.


I sigh in knowing I'm as safe as i can get. My moms voice pulls me out of my thoughts, "Ashton! What is going on?"


"Mom, don't let them take me!"


"who?" she asks as I slide down the wall, tears streaming my face. After about a minute or so of me crying into my knees, I hear my mother sit next to me.


"Who?" she asks again.


"Luke Hemmings" I reply.


"Prince, Luke Hemmings?" she asks.


"Yup" I say tears still coming strong out of my eyes.


"Why would he want to take you?" she asks, her tone showing she is clueless.


"Mom, we had an assembly at school today."


"What does the assembly have to do with Luke Hemmings wanting to get you?"

"This"I say and pull up the right sleeve of my sweater, revealing Luke Hemmings written in a really fancy, but sloppy cursive printed on my arm.


"But, Your not gay are you?" my mom asks, because of me getting hate at school I decided not to come out to my mom.


" Remember this from the history books? That's not all there signature is marked PERMANENTLY on your right arm. Vampires can be gay. Like a girl vampire can mate with a girl human, or a boy vampire can mate with a boy human. Even if the human isn't gay."


"oh" is all she says.


"And, uh. . ." I start but can't find the words to finish.


"Ashton, what are you not telling me?"


"Umm. . ."


"Just tell me I won't judge you." my mom says rubbing my back.


"MomIamgay" I say without pausing.


"Slow down" she says, while chuckling.


"Mom I Am Gay" I say slow.


"That's all?" she asks like it was nothing.


"yeah?" I question, with hints of uncertainty strong in my voice.



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