why me

Clary has never been normal and when she moves to a town in Britain, she meets this guy and some friends are hiding something. She knows it but will they turn out to be like her?


1. others?

We finally finished packing and just in time too since my ipod died. The new house is beautiful and huge. And tomorrow is the first day at school. Yay me(sarcasm). "Clary! How many times do i have to tell you to bed? It's one in the freaking morning!" "Im going to bed. Leave me alone and shut up long enough for me to get ready!" That would be my bitch of a mother. I crawl in bed and turn off the light. "Clary, you need usssss. Embrace your dark sssssside." I turn around and around but see nothing but dark forests."You should listen to usss. We wont wait forever! You and the others will join us or perish!"says another cold voice only unlike the last this one is female. "Who are you!? What do you mean others!?"I shout i see nothing. What do they mean others like me? I hear them laughing. I cant breathe. Is it just me or is the scene spinning? I begin to feel flames under me. They are growing and they wont go out! I scream at the top of my lungs but i begin choking on the smoke. The laughing is gettin louder and louder. Then all of a sudden...it stops.
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