Its Been A While

Siren Irwin is Ashton Irwins 16 year old daughter. Hunter Clifford is Michael Cliffords 16 year old son. Cody Hemmings is Luke Hemmings 16 year old son. Leo Hood is Calum Hoods 16 year old son. They have never met before cause they all live in different places of Australia and whenever one of the band mates are at a house the kids are never there. But, what happens when they do meet each other cause Ashton throws a get together. Will they get along or will they hate each other instantly?
Thank you @mia Williamson for the cover. @http//1Dlover4ever also made a cover that's was really good so, Im going to put it on my quotev version of this.


1. Before the party

"DAD UNCLE HARRY WONT GIVE ME BACK MY GUITAR PICK!" I yelled chasing him and going past my dad. "Harry give her back her guitar pick and help me finish setting up. They will be here in 10 minutes." Dad said cooking. Uncle Harry hands it back and starts to pick up the decorations.

 "Siren can you go make sure the instruments work?" Dad asked me. I nodded and headed downstairs. I learned how to play the guitar and drums when I was little, I also sing a little. People always asked if I'm going to become a pro singer. I always said no cause I want to be writer. 

I tested out all the instruments except for the bass and the microphone. I looked and made sure that no one was around. I saw dad and uncle Harry go outside so, I decided to sing Amnesia by 5sos. "You still sing really good." I looked around and saw my big brother Matt. He lives at his college campus so I barely even see him.

"MATT!" I run over and hug him. "I missed you so much! Dad teases me constantly!" I complain. "I missed you too but dad said that you have to get dressed nice. They will be hear in a couple minutes." He warned me.

NOW HE TELLS ME! I ran upstairs and put on my teal dress with my converses. Then I ran downstairs to have over 6 pairs of eyes on me.


Hey guys how did you like the chapter? Please comment below if I should update or not. 

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