Tough Choices

This is a story about a girl who falls for a boy but then soon realizes that he's not what he seems and that doesn't help with the kind of family the girl comes from


1. Ditching the party

When I woke up this morning I could hear the rain hitting the roof of my house, and the railing of my balcony.

As I was getting out of bed, I heard a knock on my door, and then i got up out of bed and answered the door.

I opened my door, and saw my mother standing there and she said

"hurry up and get ready were going to the golf club today"

"for what?"

"their presenting your father an award for how much money he's put into the club"

"wow so he's getting an award for being rich how is that a big deal"

"because it is and yes you are going to come with us now get dressed:

then my mother left, and before i knew it we were at the club.

The minute we got there i went to the club bar and a boy about my age was standing behind it and then he said

"what can i get for you"

"i'll have a water"

"ok here you go"

then he handed me a water and made a sound as if something he saw made him disgusted.

"is something wrong?" i asked him

"yeah i can't stand the people that go here especially their spoiled self -centered arrogant daughters who throw themselves at anyone with money"

"so whats your name"

"It's Alex whats your name"

"I'm Emma"

then my mother came up to me and she said

"come on your father is about to get his award"

then she walked away and he said

"so your one of those girls huh"

"i am nothing like those girls if anything i despise them the only thing that connects me to them is that we both have rich parents"

"you wanna get out of here"


then we left.

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