A Trip To Paris (Major Editing)

Anna Smith is taking a Junior trip to Paris with her classmates to get away from her troubles back home. From bad friendships to rumors spreading about her, she just wants to get away from it all, if that's possible!
While in Paris, she meets the handsome and somewhat outspoken, Adam Marschal who could be in the pain in the you know what area sometimes but in all, a kind person. Will she find love in the most romantic city in the world or will she leave the city troubled as ever.

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1. Chapter One: Anna


 Author's Note:

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 Anna's POV

  Tapping my pencil on my desk and pushing my rimmed glasses back up to my noes, I couldn't wait to get out of here. Out of this country, well at least for a month, and away from my troubles.

Looking at the clock and notice only having five minutes left of class. I quickly gather my notebooks and pencils, waiting patiently for the stupid bell to dismiss me. Once again, I look around the familiar classroom to kill some time.

Much to my surprise, a paper ball hit the back of my head and the whole class snickered away. Picking up the crumbled piece of paper with a hint of embarrassment, I uncrumbled it and read what it said.

" Why are you alive!!!! You killed your own family, you stupid bitch!!! Go to Hell, where you belong.

-Love Your Lovely Classmates

P.S. You Stink!!!!!"

Reading that note was like a bus hitting and running over me, time after time after time again. Wanting to be alone, I walked out the classroom, not caring what my consequences were, I just wanted to get out there before they see me cry. I know you're probably saying, "What a wimp." Yeah that's true, I'm 17 years old now and crying because of what someone said to me.

Going in to the girl's bathroom, I quickly went in a stall, locked the door, and cried my eyes out. All I could think about was yes, I killed my parents.  If it wasn't for me they would have still been here, not somewhere in the ground. I could still remember that day like it was yesterday.

The day of the accident:

  "Daddy, are you still coming," I say holding my phone up to my ear as they called my name to dance.

"Yes dear, your mother and I are on the way we will be there in five minutes," says my dad.

"Thank you Daddy, I love you," I say smiling because they won't miss my dance recital.

"I love you too," was the last words he said to me before they were hit by a truck that ran a stop sign.

*End of the Accident*

Before another case of tears could come down my cheeks from the remembrance of that day, I heard two voices on the other side of the door.

"Anna is so fat and ugly, why are we friends with her again Christian?" right away I knew that voice anywhere. That voice belonged to one of my best friends, well ex- best friends now, Rebecca.

"I don't know, I'm getting sick and tired of her crying about her stupid parents, they've been dead for about 6 months now, she needs to get over them," I hear Christian say.

Why would she say that? She is suppose to be one of my best friends. Of course I'm going to cry about my parents, they are my parents for crying out loud, the ones that gave birth to me seventeen years ago!

"I know right! We need to dump that bitch to the curb," says the voice that belongs to Rebecca.

"You're definitely right," agrees Christian.

"Let's go before someone hears us and we're late to class," says Rebecca.

Well that's a little late for that now, I say thinking to myself. Not only does my classmates look down on me, but my own best friends looks down on me too. I can't deal with this type of pain anymore. The feeling of being let down and being blamed for my parents' death. Because I didn't have a razor on me, I pulled up my left shirt sleeve and dug my nails into my left forearm until the blood came oozing out. I feel a brief satisfaction as I see a dark crimson color seething out of my skin.

"Why do you guys have to leave me?" I say whispering up to the ceiling and pulling down the sleeve of my shirt to hide the scars I put there.

After the tardy bell rung, signalling for the last students standing in the hallways to enter their classes before they get detention, I grabbed my notebooks and opened the stall's door to exit the bathroom.

Walking really fast to my locker, hoping not to be seen or humiliated again, I quickly put in my locker combination to get the hell away from this school as quickly as possible.

Grabbing  my book bag and practically throwing my notebooks in my locker and quickly closing it, I just remembered that I needed to stop by Mrs. White's classroom to get my packet for our junior trip to Paris tomorrow, which I totally forgot to pack for.

Entering her classroom, I let out a sigh of relief when she didn't have a class. I really hated public attention.

"Hi Mrs. White, I've come to pick up my Paris Packet,  I'm going home early today," I say trying to sound as nice as possible.  

"Oh okay honey!! Here's your packet to the most romantic city in the world and don't forget to come to school at nine thirty if you want to go," she says handing me the packet.

"Thank you," I say taken the packet and putting it in my book bag.

"No problem and Anna?"

"Yes ma'am?"

"Have fun and be yourself," she says smiling a warm-hearted smile.

"I hope so..."I say looking at her once more before heading out the door.



Here's the first chapter. I hoped you guys enjoyed it :)



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