A Poem of Thankfulness

This is a small poem more than anything. Something I written in my spare time and thought, you know, this could help some people out there. So I'm going to be posting Poems from time to time to express Certain emotions. I'd be grateful if you stay tuned, but try not to rely on me for a daily poem. These are special.


1. The Poem.

There'll be times when I get angry,
there'll be times when I get sad.
But the times I spent alone in fear,
were the worst I ever had.

Down this path that we call Life, 
filled with troubles, pain and strife.
with younger people like you or me,
live in suffering, in agony.

And though we fight to stay alive,
somethings bound to stir the hive
and take control with a powerful spell
or a deadly curse, our personal hell.

Yet though these times may fill you with fright,
and believe you me they will.
There's a glimmer of hope, a shining light
to guide us throughout this chill.

A heavenly symbol, an undying flame
to protect us from those who cannot be tame.
A friend, one dear, one close as can be
for they are so special. Can you not see?

They don't come around often, you'll notice this too
that an unbreakable bond can be severed in two.
But remember this still, there are some that do care
who laugh with your laughs, who is happy to share.

And through my short time, you're likely to see.
as painful as things may turn out to be.
I'll be here for you, whatever happens to me.
for I only wish to set you free. 

You brought me kindness, and brought me compassion
even if I was the strangest in fashion.
You were right by my side, my trusted saviors
and now it's my turn to return the favors.


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