Demigod Songs

Rhianna and Lydia will be making Heroes of Olympus parodies out of songs and recording them in this book. The songs are sometimes inspired by quotes from the books by Rick Riordan.


1. Gotta Kill 'Em All By Lydia Jackson

"Once the others were below, Hazel and Leo faced each other awkwardly. They were alone except for Coach Hedge, who was back on the quarterdeck singing the Pokémon theme song. The coach had changed the lyrics to: Gotta Kill 'Em All, an Leo really didn't want to know why."


I think the lyrics would be like:


I wanna be the very best,

No satyr ever was.

Half-bloods are my new test,

To train them is my cause!



Gotta Kill 'Em All! (Background soloists: Killin' monsters)


I know it's there destiny!


Yeah, not my best friend.

Olympus we must defend!


Gotta Kill 'Em All-all-all!


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