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Darcy Styles. Sounds familiar, right? Well that's because she's the daughter of Harry and Carter Styles. Darcy is now seventeen, and in high school. The joy of sports runs through her veins, just like her father. She tries out for every sport she can and keeps a very high academic score. She also has many friends she can back onto, and teachers and school workers who like her. Her father's a pediatrician and her mother is a full time artist. So why wouldn't life be amazing? Well, despite all that, there's Kody Tomlinson. Son of Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson, and her mortal enemy. Despite having the mutual love for sports, Kody will do everything in his power to knock Darcy as far onto the ground as possible and Darcy will do everything in her power to put him in his place. They're like flames, always raging at each other. But what happens when Darcy finds out Kody's deepest darkest secret that he's kept to himself for his entire life?


1. O N E


"Darcy! You're going to be late! Hurry up!"
I quickly pulled on a maroon sweater and blue shorts. It's the first day of Junior year, and I'm already late!
"Coming mum!" I called, as I tied the shoelaces of my maroon converse.
I pulled my curly brown hair into a ponytail before grabbing my bag and running down the stairs.
I jumped over my brother Tommy's still wet canvas, and entered the kitchen.
My mum was washing the dishes, and my dad was playing with Molly.
As soon as Molly saw me, she jumped towards me.
For a cat, she acted so much like a dog.
"Molly!" I giggled, pulling the tiny kitten to rest on my shoulder.
"Good morning, Darce." Dad grinned, his dimples popping out.
"Morning Dad." I smiled, showing him my identical dimples.
I looked at the time, and my eyes widened.
"Why didn't you tell me I was this late!?" I panicked, grabbing a piece of toast as a car honked from outside.
I quickly kissed my parents cheeks with a quick bye, and quickly left.
"Wait! Darcy, the c--"
I quickly walked down our porch, stumbling slightly before composing myself.
I opened the door to the back.
Allie smiled at me, and Maddison scotched over.
"We really had to pick up the witch?" 
I felt a streak of annoyance prickle in me as I scowled.
Kody Tomlinson. The worst person I've ever met.
"Kody," Dylan warned.
"Hey Darcy!" Emma Tomlinson turned to me from the front seat.
Emma was a year younger than us, but she was still super cool to hang out with.
"Hi, Emma!" I smiled back at her.
Kody glanced up, his eyes landing on me, before he smirked.
"Are you bringing the brave strong kitty to protect you from a butterfly?"
"Darcy, why'd you bring Molly?" Tommy sighed.
Oh fuck. The cat.
"Give me a sec?" I smiled sheepishly, as I opened the door and quickly made my way towards the front door.
"If you'd just listen to me for two seconds." Dad sighed, running a hand through his hair as he gently took Molly from me.
"Sorry dad." I grinned, before making my way back towards the car.
Dylan drove the car, with Emma sitting next to him. Tommy and the jerk sat in the two seats behind Dylan and Emma. Allison, Maddison and I sat in the back.
"So what sports are you taking?" Maddison turned to me.
"Cross country, Track and Field, football, Swimming, volleyball, you know, whatever's in season."
I heard Kody scoff.
"You're the worst athlete I know."
Okay, that was to far. I did my best at the sports I did, and tried my best to enjoy them. So maybe I wasn't the best, but this was one of the few times Kody actually hurts me with his words.
"You know, Fuck you Kody." I kicked his leg as hard as I could.
"Kody, stop being a fucking dick, and Darcy, stop being so violent." Allison barked.
"You guys never stop, do you?" Tommy sighs.
"It's his fault." I muttered.
"Okay, we're here." Dylan sighed.
Everyone scrambled out of the car as we made our way to the school.
"Darcy! Are you joining cross country?" A girl grabbed my arm.
"I don't really know yet. I'm just going to see what choices are available first." I answered truthfully.
"Oh, okay." She let go.
"Hey, Allie?" I turned her.
"Yeah?" Her soft brown eyes met mine.
"What's your first class?"
"Physics two, why?" She questions.
I grinned, my dimples popping out as Tommy's eyes widened.
"That's the same as Tommy's! Why don't you two walk together?" I pushed them towards the science wing.
"I don't--" Allison began before I cut her off.
"Just go!" I pushed them.
Maddison giggled, as they both awkwardly made their way to their class.
"What's your first class, Bambi?" Kody turned to me with a smirk.
Bambi.. Some would find it a cute nickname for their girlfriends, but I knew the real reason why he called me that. I can't ice skate for shit. It's pretty sad, but I literally can't. In first grade, the first time I went skating with Kody included, I was falling every time I got on the ice. I would land on my stomach, with legs and arms out like a starfish. That's when he started laughing and calling me Bambi. Because Bambi can't skate for shit either.
"Gym, why?" I sighed in annoyance.
His smirk widened, as his blue eyes met mine.
"I'm going to crush you."
I plopped down next to Maddison, now in Nike running shorts and a UnderArmor T-shirt.
"Nice to see you two again." Coach Anderson smirked at Kody and I.
"Hey coach." I grinned.
Maddison poked my dimple.
"What the fuck, bitch?" I joked with her.
"Those fucking dimples." She wiggled her eyebrows with the duck face.
I laughed at how stupid she looked.
"Alright! Today we're going to run around the track field as a warm up!" Coach clapped.
Some kids groaned, while my eyes narrowed on Kody as he mirrored my actions. Sports and gym class. We were always so competitive about the two.
"Let's get out!" 
Almost instantly, we walked down to the track field.
"Okay! Darcy, Kody, and Emily! Come to the front. Everyone else form even numbers behind them." Coach Anderson handed me a baton. Relay. Hell yeah.
I got in position as coach began to explain.
"We're about to do relay. Each team has one baton. You're supposed to run all the way down and back. You must carry the baton in hand for the entire time. After you come back, you hand the baton off to the next person, and they'll start running. Oh, and if you drop the baton at all, then you owe me fifty push-ups on the spot."
I saw fear cross some students faces. Fifty push-ups aren't even that bad! One time, a girl missed at passing the baton to the next girl for our team at an event, and we had to do one hundred and twenty five push-ups in front of the visitors.
"You three ready?" Coach turned to us.
"Ready." We all called.
I looked in front of me, not paying attention to the others around me.
"Ready.. Get set.." He blew the whistle.
Almost instantly I sprang off. Zooming towards the end point.
Kody was a mere inches in front of me, and Emily was right next to me.
I pushed myself further, I had done track a lot more then Kody has. I can do this.
All of a sudden, a foot kicked out from my left, kicking me straight in the side of my calve.
I stumbled a bit, trying to compose myself, but twisting my ankle badly.
I yelped as I fell to the ground.
I winced as a prickle of pain shot up my leg.
Emily was smirking as she continued running. That bitch kicked me!
Kody had looked behind, and stopped almost instantly.
He was jogging towards me quickly, as he knelt in front of me.
"What happened?" He asked, a hint of concern in his voice.
"She kicked me." I mumbled, trying to get up, but almost falling again by the pain that shot through my leg.
"Careful." He scolded holding me up by the shoulders.
I didn't cry despite the large amount of pain. One, because I was strong, and had been through worse pain then this. And two, because Kody was here, and I've NEVER cried in front of Kody, and nor do I plan to.
He helped me get back towards the group of kids, letting me climb on his back.
This was all in act, though. He just wanted to look good in front of the kids and coach. He doesn't care about me. If they weren't here, he would've laughed in my face, and left me there to crawl all the way to the nurses office.
"What happened?" Coach Anderson stared at us wide eyed.
I turned to glare at Emily, to see her already glaring at me.
I never really understood why she hated me so much. I barely ever talk to her, and I've never provoked her to do something as low as this. I know there are going to be people who don't really like me, but seriously?
"Just twisted my ankle, coach. Nothing to serious." I turned to him.
"Can you walk on it?" He asked seriously.
"Yes." I lied, trying to climb down Kody's back, but he held me there.
"Let go." I whisper harshly to him.
"Stop lying." He hissed back. "You couldn't even stand up."
"She's lying coach. She can't walk on it. I'm taking her to the nurses office." 
And before anyone can say anything, he begins walking towards the school building.
"Put me down, Tomlinson!" I growled, thrashing around.
"I'm trying to help you!" He hisses back.
"Sure you are! Put me down." I punched his back.
"Fine. If you insist, be my guest." And he let go of me, letting me fall straight on my back.
I sat up, glaring at him.
I opened my mouth to say something but he spoke first.
"You're a bitch, you know that? Usually when someone tries to help you, you say thank you and move on with your life." His blue eyes turn a shade darker.
"I don't want help from someone who I know is only helping me for their own benefit!" I shouted back.
"What the hell is that suppose to mean!?" He clenches his fists.
This always happens. We always fight over the smallest of things. The littlest things piss us both off so much, that it's infuriating.
"If you thing I'm wrong then correct me. But tell me, Tomlinson, when did you start caring about me when it isn't in your benefit?" I tried to get up.
Ignoring him, I limped towards the school's infirmary.
Kody Tomlinson is one of the most irritating people I've ever met.


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