Rising Dawn

It's the seasonal changes, and everyone was in peace. Up until now. The government has been in control by the ultimate sinisters for hundreds of years now. Spirits have been roaming around, and they have mercilessly murdered millions of humans. The human race is in jeopardy, and nobody has found a way to regenerate peace. But everything's about to change.


1. One Two Three: Make a Wish and Hope For It

   I quietly ate my bread and glanced at the window. My mother knew what I was thinking as she packed some water and food into my bag. It was a seasonal change, and most of us by now understand what happens when this event occurs. 

   Every seasonal change, spirits roam around taking captive of human bodies and mercilessly using them to murder other human beings. This has been going on for hundreds of years now, and nobody understood why this happens. Many have tried finding answers, but none have returned. I have lost my father and siblings to this horrid event, and my mother has not said a word ever since that incident. 

    I kissed my mother goodbye, grabbed my bags, and headed out the door. I was determined to find answers, and I wanted to stop this madness once and for all. I headed for the town square. This is where we will be able to " Party " up with others, and we will be able to go as a group in search for answers. 

  Once I arrived at the town square, I looked around and saw that everybody had partied up with someone but me. I glanced over in a dark alley and saw a young girl leaning against the wall, and it seemed as though she had not partied with anybody either. I walked to her, and she flinched back a little. " Its okay, I mean no harm. My name's Dawn, " I said calmly. She stood there quietly. " Sorry to bother you, but have you partied up with anyone. " I asked. She shrugged and spoke very softly, " Ah, no. Are you inviting me to join your party? " I nodded. " Okay, my name's Ella. Don't have any funny business, and don't slow me down. " she said firmly. Damn this girl is strictI quietly thought to myself. 

  All of the parties moved on, but Ella and I stood behind. " We must look for a map first. It's our only navigational assistance, " said Ella. I nodded and followed her to a local travel shop. When I first opened the door, the smell of cinnamon and sweet apple floated around. The crackling sound of the fireplace silenced the room. Ella and I walked over to the clerk, and I grabbed some coins out of my bag. " Do you have any maps leading to the um spirits sanctuary? " I asked nervously. Without a word, the clerk lead us both to a safe which was dusty and covered with spider webs. She rummaged through her bags and pulled out a rusty key. The safe opened with a creak, and we both looked inside. There lied a map that was crinkled, and it looked like it was about to wither. We took the map, and I paid the clerk some coins. We headed outside and quickly opened the map.

    " It seems we must head northern, and there are many dangers ahead of us. " Ella ordered. Ella was very wise with navigational types of things, so I decided to agree with her. We both headed North, and I knew it was going to be a tough journey.






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