Now joining SAE ( The Secretive Agency Environment ) Violet must face the the dangers of the Irska coalition which threatens to take control of the USA. Will she be able to stay alive, protect her friends and defeat the coalition?

1. Expect

“Hi um …Luna, what are you doing at the front my house?”

“Viol sorry to break it to you but I am still in Hawaii”

“oh, then who’s that person in the black jeep, care to explain” was what I was about to say but was interrupted

“You’re probably just seeing things, or my brother is at your house”

“Um what? Sorry, could you repeat that”

“or my brother is at your house”

“Since when did you have a brother and I didn’t know about him.”

“Yeah… about that … his a year older and isn’t around very much to make contact with, that’s why I’ve never told anyone about him”

“Oh, okay bye” and then I hung up call

Wait, why is he entering the house? Who let him in? I’ve got to really tell mom. When I was out of my room I heard my mom murmuring something, but her voice wasn’t the only voice I heard. Dad? No way he has been gone for a couple of months now.  I peered through the corner of the stairs into the kitchen, but what I saw right away was the light brown hair of my friend, that I’d recognize anywhere, but no one has it except her. Wait that’s not her it’s a boy, it’s her brother. But why is he here, why isn’t he going to Hawaii where they are? So many questions focus on what they are saying.

“But I don’t want her involved in this” Involved? Involved in what? What is my mom even talking about?

“Ms. McAlester, let me get this straight. You’re denying a straight order from the SAE SAC because you don’t want your daughter involved because of the incident, right?”

“Exactly, I knew you’d understand” Oh no, I know that expression something bad is about  to happen. I better get away now or never. Oh shoot I bumped into the table. Oh no, not that vase. Crack. And It shattered into tiny little pieces all over the floor what am I going to do now? Run?

“What was that!? Violet?”  Too late, easier said than done.

“Yeah, sorry I broke the Chinese vase just now”

“Are you hurt?” my mom asked as she came up the stairs

“Nah, I am fine. Anyways who’s that?” I asked pointing at the creepy boy version of my friend “and exactly what are you guys talking about”

My mom let out a long deep sigh and held my hand, then said “ That’s agent Thicket SAE, The Secretive Agency Environment, and they’ve asked permission to take you in because they’re lacking agents after the incident”

“But why come to us and send that creepy boy version of my friend to ask you?”

“Hey I am No...” but my mom shushed him by waving her hands blindly at him. Good.

“Viol it’s because I am not a lawyer I work as an agent in SAE, and your father is the chief of U.S.’s security that’s why” WOW was all I can think off WOW “so I’m going to give you the choice of joining since it’s too late for me to decide” She shot an angry look toward creepy boy version, but all he did was shrug. “But let me warn you if you go you’re never going to have this life back, but it’s your choice in the end.”

I could see seriousness written all over her face meaning answer now or never. “ I think I’ll go” not forgetting the smile at the end just because I really wanted to skip the next Question “Are you sure?” but it never works, doesn’t it “ Yeah I am sure, when will I be going?”  But the real question was how am I going to get there, and if I am going to stay with that creepy dumbo or what’s his name?

“You’re leaving now, come with me and we’ll pack your stuff” answered my mom while walking toward my room. I then turned around and looked at creepy dumbo and asked “What’s your name?”

“Creepy boy version of my friend is at your service” he answered with a smirk on his face and bow. Oh, sure I’ll play that game and wipe that smirk off your face “All right creepy boy version of my friend, I’ll call you CBV for short” well at least the smirk was off his face as I walked to back to my room. 


After I packed my things and girl necessities, that my mom insisted on packing, I was out the door right after good-byes and all that shenanigans. When I reached the black jeep CBV was leaning against it.

“Care to tell me where SAE is?” I asked.

“Care to tell me what took you so long?” that fire or better said anger is annoying

 “That’s none of your bees wax. And may I add that girls all over the world take two to three days to pack for traveling, ten to fifteen days for moving away. And guess what CBV or what’s your name, I took twenty minutes to pack stuff for the rest of my life so you have no right to talk to me like that. Understood?” I didn’t even know I could act like that. Wait, why is he looking at me like he’s surprised “…..Snake” he murmured to himself.  Snake? What snake?

“Get in the car, the ride will only take a few minutes” that wasn’t the answer I wanted but it’ll do for now. I got into the car and he came after me, but who’s the driver? All I was seeing was a girl with reddish brown hair, and black eyes smiling at me.

“Hi my name is Alysia. Nice to meet you Violet.” Well I guess there’s my answer, but how’d she know my name? Am I famous or something?

“So, Luke have you figured out what animal class she’s in?” she asked while driving.  Animal class? Oh, that’s what the snake was about. So, Luke’s his name. “I think she’s a snake” Alysia slammed on to the brakes real hard after hearing the answer I assume. Thank God I was wearing the seatbelt. “Sorry, could you repeat that?” It was more of a demand then a question. “He said he thinks I’m a snake something wrong with that” I answered crossing my arms over my chest, because his face was as pale as snow after the sudden brake. I am pretty sure he was thinking about the possibilities of death.

“Um no nothing wrong with that” she said with a scared person’s voice. Then turned around to continue driving. When I looked back at Luke he was grinning like a maniac, talking to him about this will come later. For now I’ll focus on the road.


When we reached to where the entrance was, Alysia parked right in front of the old movie store where I get my movies. “All right Luke get the snake out of the stupid car cause I’m not touchin it.”                                                      “Well let me guess, you’re referring to the snake that looks like a human girl or an actual snake because I can take care of both for you if you want” I answered not forgetting to smile at the end “Yeah, well I’m pretty sure she was referring to you violent Violet” Luke answered me with a venomous  smile because Alysia was already three feet away “Aww, thank you for the nick name well at least it’s better than CBV” I said. He was about to say something but I wasn’t in the mood of hearing his voice. So I just slammed the door shut at his face, then started to walk toward Alysia.

Well I guess I got on the wrong footing when talking to her, I should apologize. “Hey Alysia look I am sorry about the way I acted toward you. All of this is so new to me and the excitement of have adrenaline in my blood makes me act this, so I am sorry about the way I acted”                                                                                                                     “Wait, you mean you never knew about the SAE until today?”                                                                                     “Well, not today just thirty five minutes ago.” She looked surprised by the answer, but kept on walking till we reach Walmart which too five minutes.

 When we stopped I noticed a two story building in the background and then a skyscraper behind that. We waited till Luke caught up then went down the alley way that was beside Walmart, and in to the two story building. We entered the staff room, which apparently has a hidden elevator that leads to SAE HQ’s lobby. When we reached there Alysia departed, heading toward the training room, leaving me and creepy Luke alone. Fantastic, Marvelous, Great.   

“So, creepy Luke what are you supposed to do with the snake? Please do tell me so that I can save her ass.” The only reply I got was hand holding my wrist pulling me to God knows where.


We walked for the next twenty minutes trying to reach who knows where. We past a couple of rooms then came the more serious rooms such as: The Computer lab, judging by the name it’s where all of the hacking happens, The Chemical lab, SAC office, then last but not least The Simulation room. So, that’s where we’re going, to test my abilities I am guessing. When we reach the simulation room I was shoved in my Mr. Creepy, the door was shut and lock behind me.

“Hello, Violet welcome to SAE. My name is Lilly Rogers, the daughter of Mr. Rogers the SAC or special agent in charge of SAE. I will be evaluating your simulation today to see your abilities, and from your results we’ll give you your abilities ranking. Such as Luke here is classified as a lion, I am a bear and there are many others which we have not listed. Now tell me your full name, age, date of birth, and what types of simulations you’ve been through, the rest of the questions will come later.”                                                                                                                       “Violet Grey McAlester, age 13, born on December 25th, 2140, I’ve been through Physical simulations, never been through dodge the lasers.”  “Alright then we’ll start the simulation in two minutes, please put your bag on the table that is to your right.” and instantly a table showed up out of nowhere. I put my bag on it and sat on the floor leaning against the wall waiting for the simulation to start.

“Alright Violet do you see that red button over there?” asked Lilly. “Yeah, I see it” I said while standing up. “We need you to press the button as fast as possible. There will be obstacles along the way. It doesn’t matter how you do it so long you’re doing it to the best of your abilities. We’re ready when you are.” But what I saw in front of me was the fortress simulation, it’s the hardest of all the simulations the one the gym teacher never let me try after school because people died from it or brock bones. And here I am about to face it right now to enter SAE, it’s like a dream come true. “I’m ready” I said laughing. Then the countdown started “3”, “2”, “1”, “GO”.

I started running toward the fortress wall, most people would be running toward the entrance by now thinking it’s the easiest way in and out. Well whoever did that is an idiot there’s a trap struck at the entrance a hidden pit hole which I spotted the instant the simulation was built in front of me. When I reached the wall I started climbing upward. It took me thirty seconds to reach the fortresses top from the start of the simulation, good. There was a forest under me and a metal pathway in front leading to all four sides of the forest intersecting in the middle, great this is a blind guy’s test I have to move fast. I started running toward the center, ducking and dodging every spear thrown at me. I heard a gun fire, then I heard another then another, but I don’t see them coming. Wait those bullets weren’t fired at me but at what was running under the trees coming from the opposite direction I stopped at the edge of the metal railing pathway thingy mijingy, and lied on my belly waiting for the thing to come out of its hiding. Well then Mr. Creepy is a part of my simulation and I’m guessing the easiest part I’ll just have to see his movements and based on that my attack and how I’m going to press the button.

It took me a minute to memorize his movement then another minute to memorize the fortress’s. After that all I had to do is find a rock or something hard to create a diversion. Luckily I had a Swiss knife in my pocket, so I slowly started getting it out of my pocket, measuring the distance and power needed for me to get it to the where I wanted. This reminded me of the prison escape simulation which was pretty darn easy to complete. I threw the Swiss knife and it landed precisely where I wanted it to. The moment it landed Luke started to walk toward it with a grin on his face , a few seconds later I heard the troops moving toward it to. That’s my Q to move out. I jumped down pressing the red button as I landed. The simulation ended right then and there, disappearing in front of my eyes. Luke had a fighting stance and his face was tense when the simulation was over.

“That was easy.” I said.                                                                                                                                                  “You did well Violet. Luke show her to her quarters. You both need to be up by eight tomorrow morning. Is that understood?” said Lilly.                                                                                                                                                     “Um Lilly could you tell me the time it took me to complete the simulation?” I asked.                                                     “Eleven minutes, ten seconds.”                                                                                                                              “Thank you” I said as I grabbed my bag and followed Luke out.  


“Could you please tell me how long till we get there?” I asked Luke.                                                                              “Just a few more minutes” he answered optimistically.                                                                                                      “You’re kidding me right. We’ve been walking from hallway to hallway for the past I don’t know how many minutes and there’s still more. It feels like I just walked from Walmart all the way back home” I said, “Wipe that smirk off of your face before I wipe it of myself CBV.”                                                                                                                  “You should learn how to speak to people more politely VV” he said the smirk still there                                               “And you should learn how to walk faster because I’m about to get grumpy, and when that happens I get violent. So hurry up and show me my room before I skin you alive lion” I said to his face, well at least he was walking faster than before.

It took us two minutes to get there, which was safer for him because I really was about to skin him alive.               “You should be up and ready by seven thirty. Either me or someone else is going to come and get you is that clear?” he said.                                                                                                                                                                         “What time is it?” I asked.                                                                                                                                                  “Nine thirty” was the last thing I heard before shutting the door in his face and locking it.

I turned on the lights, but what I saw wasn’t any normal room. It looked like my room but more luxurious. There was a four poster bed, a desk with a screen top starter on it, a closet, two bed side tables, and a door that leads to a luxury bathroom. Is this mine for tonight only or will it be mine forever. I walked toward the bed and sat down. Crunch. Under me was a piece of paper, no not paper an envelope with my name on it written on it. I took a few guesses from who it was while opening it, it read:

Dear Violet,                                                                                                                            

Hope you’re enjoying the room and it’s gadgets. Don’t make your aunt’s mistake, you’ll see her soon in Head Quarters anyways, and not take training seriously.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                            your mom                                         Sophia McAlester

  Wait my aunt is a part of this place? And she’s here? Well that’s bad news, very bad news. Last time I saw her she was screaming at me for touching her couch, what else would I sit through now that she’s here. I yawned it was an exhausting day, time for bed. After I brushed my teeth, released my black silver tipped hair from my bun after the simulation, and wore my Pajamas, I turned the screen top on, it acted just like my Halo-phone, touch translucent screen and everything else. I set the alarm to ring on five forty five, and then went to bed.


The world is burning all around be, my friends, family, and a lot of people are on the floor crying out to me but I can't move I'm stuck 

 I wake up panting and sweating. It was just a dream. Well since I'm awake why not explore the HQ a little. I change my cloths, then write a little note about where I am to stick on the door. Right before I leave from the room the alarm goes off. Stupid alarm almost gave me a mini heart attack. So i turn it off the leave not forgetting to stick the note onto the door. 

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