Slow Motion

Heroes aren't people with powers and good intentions, they are fools.


1. Present Time

         I used to want to make a difference. I thought being a hero would make me happy. I was never more wrong in my life. Buildings burn before me as I stare at Micah in front of me. “You love your country, you love people, you love life. You love me.” I continue to stare coldly at her.

         “I used to.” I hold up my hand slowly, she disappears in a second, slowly everyone around me disappears too. I let my hand drop, she took it correctly, a warning. Everything has slowed down, life is never at full pace anymore. People don’t realize how fast life really is, they run in slow motion, cry, laugh, they live in slow motion. They’re wasting their time. I could wipe everything out in just seconds.

       Having powers and nice intentions doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a fool. I was one of those fools, but now I must do the right thing. I must put the world in order. Put it in its place. No one can stop me, no leaders, no heroes, not even Micah can stop me anymore. “I don’t want to stop you. I want you to realize what you are doing Michael.” It’s her.

           “I know what I’m doing. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean I am wrong. I’ll never be wrong again.” A fool. I smile, she should know I will find her, little miss disappear can not hide from pure genius.

         “Please, you're smart, we know this now. Just think this through,” I can hear fear in her voice, just as the world will sound like in just a short time. “What is the point in this? Remember history class? Why let history repeat itself? You’re smart, but it doesn’t mean you are flawless.”

         “That’s exactly what it means!” I scream so loudly my throat hurts. I start to laugh, “That’s exactly what it means Micah.” I reach out in front of me and wrap her hair in my hand. How long did she think she could hide? “I will not make mistakes, I’m fixing them.” She reappears with tears staining her cheeks.

        “Don’t you see? The world is imperfect, just like everyone in it. Destroying us won’t fix us, fixing us isn’t possible. As soon as you have a grip on the world we’ll rebel. I just don’t want you to be hurt.”

        “The numbers, the statistics, I see them, they tell me everything. They are not wrong. I see them now, Micah. You can't stop them

        “Are you in control or are they Mike?” 

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