Books & Coffee: Movellas Cover Store [Open]

Free Covers made specially for you of any genre of book no questions asked. Hello! It's kind of a No-Brainer


1. Intro

Welcome to The Coffee Shop! 

(I'm only a little addicted to Coffee) XP


Need a Cover? No problem, just answer these questions and submit in the Comment Section. 

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 1) Title

2) Author[s]

3) Genre

4) Subtitle/quote? (If wanted)

5) Blurb/Link to movellas

6) Character[s] (And specific person/celebrity or a description of what you want the character to look like. Ex.{Members of a band, an actor/actress, a girl with blue hair.})

7) Mood (Funny, dramatic, depressing, etc.)

8) Ideas? (Anything you want specifically, colors?, what you envisioned)

9) Anything else I need to know

Also, if you could please Like and Favorite this Movellas

Please, be patient as these covers do require actually human effort XD and please, use the covers made. I try very hard to make them the way you want them and if you don't like it please TELL ME! I will happily change it, I don't want my hard work and time wasted on a cover that won't be used. 

Once I see you're cover request I will try and get it done as soon a I can, again please be patient. Covers don't magically appear you know. :)

Thank you!

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