Demigods and Wizards

When a new prophecy forces the Seven, and Nico, to enter a magical world of witches and wizards to help a certain Golden Trio take down Voldemort, things go a bit out of plan.
In the end, the real question is simple; friend or foe? But it may not be so easy to answer...

I don't not own any of these characters. They belong to J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordain.


1. Prologue

Eight demigods were gathered around the front room of the Big House in Camp Half-Blood. A blonde and dark haired couple sat on a love seat, holding hands; across from the coffee table of them sat a curly haired boy playing with rubber bands, sitting in a rocking chair. Next to the rocking chair, sat another couple; a beautiful girl who's eyes danced with colors, and a blonde male. Standing on one end of the coffee table, was yet another couple; a large, wrestler looking guy, looking funny next to the tiny, cinnamon colored haired girl that stood by him. And opposite of them stood a dark haired and paled boy, a man enclosed in a wheelchair next to him.

"Thank you all for meeting me here," Chiron said gravely, all of the demigods looking at him intently. "Rachel has something she wants to talk to you all about,"

"Rachel?" Annabeth asked, confused, slightly pulling away from the embrace Percy had had her in. Her red-headed friend hadn't mentioned anything to her about this; it was towards the end of camp already, and she'd barely heard from the Oracle of Delphi's new host.

"Rachel," Jason echoed, more quietly. "Does this have to do with a prophecy?" Chiron's eyes quickly danced around the room, refusing to land on anything.

"She'll answer all questions you have for--there you are, my dear!" Chiron announced, as Rachel Elizabeth Dare walked through the front door of the Big House. She was dressed in her usually ratty t-shirt and hand drawn jeans. She took her place next to Chiron and Nico, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Uh, hey guys," She said, avoiding eye contact with everyone. "I, uh, I had a dream yesterday. And, I-I need one of you to ask for a prophecy."

"No." Percy said immediately. Everyone's eyes flickered toward him. "Annabeth and I...we're about to start our first year of college, and we can't-"

"Percy," Piper said, adding a little charmspeak to her voice. "Calm down. It's probably nothing," Percy's face relaxed.

"Beautiful people never lie," Leo chuckled, winking at Piper. Frank tried asking Rachel something, before she cut him off.

"I don't think you could try, Frank," Rachel said apologetically. "The Oracle was a Greek thing; not so much a Roman."

"I'm kinda Greek," Jason said, training his troubled eyes on Rachel. "Maybe it'll let me." Rachel shrugged, motioning for him to ask. "Oracle, tell me what quest to lead."

Nothing happened.

"Annabeth? Piper? Leo?" Rachel asked. All three exchanged glances; none of them really wanted to lead a quest. Not now, Annabeth thought. Not this year. 

"Please Percy?" Rachel asked him, the boy hiding his face in his girlfriend's shoulder.

"I don't want to," he complained.

"Percy, we will be with you the entire way," Hazel said to him, trying to help in vain. He didn't move his face.

"Percy, school can wait," Annabeth gently said to him. "Please?" Slowly, the boy's face appeared. He took a breath, and looked at his old friend.

"Oracle..." He said slowly. "Please don't ruin my life. What's up?"

Green mist filled the air, and Rachel's face went slack. When she opened her eyes, they were filled with a green light. Her voice sounded like multiple Rachel's talking at once, a slight hissing in the air.

"Three of deadly powers must break the chains,

While the Wisdom's call for grace must fade,

King of Ghost's shall come in the night,

While two opposites take on death of flight,

The Chosen One must answer the call,

Witches and Wizards to fight with their equals, or may all fall."

Rachel collapsed, three boys running out of no where to catch her before she face planted.

None of the demigods spoke as they watched the trio escort the quieted Oracle out.

"Did...did she say witches and wizards?" Frank finally asked, after a few minutes of silence, and Percy muttering "no, no, no."

Chiron's tail flicked nervously.

"Er, yes." he answered, slowly. "Once, a long, long time ago, a group of mortals did a great deed for Hecate. She blessed them all with powers; magic, you might call it. The leader of the group, Merlin, led them to a secluded and secret area of what is now London, and started a community. The powers of the mortals continued to be passed down as generations continued through. There is now a Wizarding Community, one in almost every continent."

"Wow," Hazel said. "Hecate left that out last time I'd met with her."

"So...this prophecy wants us what exactly?" Jason asked, eyeing Percy. He was the one who the quest was granted to; he was suppose to choose his team. "Shouldn't we be having a council about this?"

"As our dear Oracle mentioned, she had a dream. A dream of the goddess of magic, none the less. Hecate requested you eight in specific to go and aid the Wizarding World in this time of grave danger."

"Time out," Leo said, making the "T" motion with his hands. "Didn't we just kick some giants butts and send Mrs. Mother Nature back into the ground? How'd these wizards already mess up the peace?" Chiron gave him an irritated look.

"There's a very dark and powerful wizard rising. His name in Voldemort," he said gravely. Leo tried to keep a straight face; Voldemort? Really? "He was defeated once before by Harry Potter--the Chosen One--when he was very small. As Voldemort rises now, Harry is expected to defeat him. Hecate was very clear: She wants you eight to go and aid the wizards. As you heard in the prophecy, it's the only way their community will stand."

"Where are they? Where's...Potter?" Percy finally said, rubbing his hand over his face. His voice sounded tired. 

"Er, Harry Potter is...well, he's getting ready to go to the school they have for magical people. Hogwarts. In London." Chiron told him, his tail flicking again.

It was dangerously quiet. 

"You want us to...what exactly? Go visit him?" Annabeth asked skeptically.

"To go to school, and gain the boy's trust. He's only fifteen. He'll need help defeating this wizard."

Quiet again. Everyone seemed to be looking at Percy.

"Percy, no one wants to do this." Nico spoke up. "We all have loved ones here...or...ya, loved ones," he said, his face going slightly pink. No doubt he was thinking about Will. "But, if another world needs help...wouldn't you want them to help protect your home? Wasn't that the whole point of teaming up with Romans? To help keep home safe?"

"Fine," Percy said after another minute, standing up. "I'll lead this quest. When do we leave for London?"

Chiron rose an eyebrow. "In a week. We can talk more tomorrow...I think you've learned enough for today


AN/ So I was rereading my work on this book, and decided I couldn't stand the way I wrote it. So, I'm rewriting it. Please bear with me; some chapters may not be touched at all, some may be completely rewritten (like this one). The same things will happen in each chapter; just in a different and hopefully better way. Thanks guys for sticking with this book!

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