After Death

Two teens in an alternate dimension. THIS IS NOT COPYWRITED!! IT IS ON MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT.


1. Part 1

Mason Dohly was shocked. One second, he was plummeting over the edge of a ravine. He and his friends were messing around, and he slipped. Wind rushed through his hair in wisps. His clothes whipped around his body, and stuck. Screams of his friends could be heard. But then, Mason was here. Wherever, here was.

Mason truly didn't know. It was his world, but it wasn't. He couldn't describe it, but the world wasn't right. The Sun didn't shine the way it was supposed to. The wind didn't have a cool tint to it and the trees leaves didn't rustle.
Here Mason stood, alone in a street. At least, he thought it was a street. He wasn't sure anymore. The one thing he didn't realize, where were the other people? The streets, gray and dark, were clear. Houses lined the street, dully colored. Not a human to be seen.

Suddenly, Mason heard a shout. Not so much a scream for help, but a scream to be noticed. He turned around and saw another boy, about his age, seventeen.

"Hey!! Hey!!" He shouted, running toward Mason in desperation. He had a short, but strong build. His hair was short and spiky. His clothes suggested he wasn't necessarily wealthy, they looked too small.

"Do you know where we are?!" He asks, reaching Mason. Mason shakes his head and looks down. The boys shoes are torn and ripped.

"I'm sorry, I don't. I just got here myself. I'm Mason Dohly." Mason said extending his arm. Cautiously, the other boy took it.
"I'm Tyler Green." He said. "What do we do now?" He asked. Now that he was closer, Mason could see crooked teeth. This guy was obviously homeless.

"I guess we look for shelter." Mason said, looking around. "Possibly a house."

"A..A house? " Tyler said shocked. It was obvious he had never truly lived in one before.

They walked down the street looking for a nice house. They found one that was nice, grey, and medium sized. Obviously, like everything else, it was empty. Mason and Tyler needed to figure out how they got there

"I'm not truly sure." Tyler said taking a bite of his sandwich. No one lived here, yet the kitchen was stocked full, the water was running and electricity was working. "I remember my whole life, but I can't remember what happened before I came here."

"Me neither." Mason said eating a couple chips. It puzzled him that neither of them could remember how they got here. Although, Mason remembered falling before he got here. His friends were watching him. He strained his brain to remember their names. Jason, Nate, Duke, and Ally. He stopped trying to remember. IT hurt his brain with a dull ache. "I do remember something. Falling"

Tyler was shocked. Falling. The single word gave him an idea. He hoped it wasn't true, but his gut told him it was.
"What if we died to get here?" Tyler asked closing his eyes. He could here Mason cough and spit out food.

"I hope not and I'm pretty sure its not." Mason gasped. "I'm going to bed. I can't think like that now." He added, storming to a room. He closed the door, laid on the bed and shut his eyes. He wanted to cry, but knew he shouldn't. The air seemed to get hot, then cold, then hot again.

Mason stood up and took off his shirt to cool off. It was now when he noticed what was in the room. It was small and cube shaped, with a dull color. everything was dull. The bed was in the corner, with a book shelf next to it. All the books were his favorites. A movie case sat next to it. Again, all of his favorites.

Behind him was a mirror. He looked at himself. Nothing changed since he last saw his image. Same blue eyes and same short blonde hair. He wouldn't truly describe himself as handsome, but apparently looked good. His friend Ally had been his girlfriend. The only thing that was different was a pale scar snaking over his shoulder. He turned around and looked at his back. It was covered in pale, white scratches. This wasn't here before.


Tyler finished his sandwich and walked into the bathroom. It took him a  while, but he managed to turn on the shower. When he was undressing, he saw a cream colored round scar on his chest. Then it hit him. Slowly, he sank onto the cool bathroom tiles, and closed his eyes.

Dark and gloomy. That was one way to describe it. Tyler was standing in and ally way, watching a scene unfold in front of him. It was an out of body experience, being as he was seeing himself. He saw himself fighting with a man. The man was wearing a tight black suit with a black loose jacket. The man had a hand gun. He was a robber.

Tyler and the man wrestled,ending with Tyler winning. He hastily stood up, gripping the bag he had been wrestling for. The man stood up, grinned, aimed, and fired the gun. Blood splattered over the back wall in a pattern. Tyler's face tensed, then he dropped. He woke up, covered in sweat on the bathroom floor.
Mason Dohly and Tyler Green died to get here.

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