We Are What We Remember

Something small, it's a bit abstract but that's the intention. I don't expect many to find or read this, but if you do and are then I hope you enjoy it and take something away from it.

1. 1.

Inconsistent memories are the lies that are spoken for each memory is rarely broken. It is kept inside and away from the blood red seas that wash over the expanse of ill ease that plays on the mind like a drum of a sunken ship capsized on the riverbed. We wish our mind was shattered and each piece not remembered. Because the emptiness that lies between the shards is a serenity of the heart and is better than the moment that will forever be lost to the currents of the ocean of a life that did not deserve to be preserved but rather broken. But each time I see your face. Your face is fragmented too but I know each piece to be true and not a figment of a pigment of a fractal rescued from the shore like an empty message in a bottle filled with the dreams of a tomorrow that can never come. That never came. Words that could have saved the future are missing and replaced with sand in my throat; dry and familiar. Still the memory is there in full and is played out before my eyes and takes away my seat as I fall. Everything I had done, and did, and continue to make real latches on to me under the dark red waves that stream out from the holes in your heart; the same holes as mine.  You are what I remember. Now and forever. We are what we remember.

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