Well Hello Michael Clifford



1. Chapter 1

Grace's POV  "Oh my god! The light is green! Move!" I yelled at the car in front of me. "Gracie calm down..." Trent laughed. I rolled my eyes. "At least I can drive!" I said laughing. I could sense his annoyance. "I didn't know that speeding could get your license taken away..." He said and I laughed even more. "Where do you wanna go? It's Friday and houses are ew." I said, he laughed. "We should go to the mall. I know that dick Liam won't be there." Trent said with some anger in his voice. Liam is his ex boyfriend. He broke up with him by telling him it was all a dare and he was straight, then attempting to hit on me. "fine. Hot Topic got a ton of All Time Low and 5sos merch. And I just got my paycheck so I'm in." I said making the turn into the mall. Trent punched his fists in the air, even though my car is kinda tiny. I heard him let out a sigh. "It's hard to be excited in these uniforms." He said looking in disgust at his uniform. I was fine with mine. It was typical bad girl school girl look. I mean yeah it's not as punk rock as I wish it was but hey! With blink 182 bids mixed with 5sos... You can make the school girl rock. "You know what?" Trent said looking in the pull down mirror, he is obsessed with himself. "What your majesty?" I asked as he rolled his eyes. "You should change up your hair." He said. "Hmmm..." I replied. I mean I have had stuck straight brown hair for ages... I guess I could change it. "Well what the hell would I even do?" I asked. He smirked evilly as I parked. "You know I'm pretty fabulous when it comes to hair. So let pick up some hair dye with our shopping and I will make you look like a fucking model for a heavy metal magazigne." He said and I shrugged as we stepped into the humid air. "And girl, if you wanna be punk. We are making you punk." He said and I gave him a confused look. "What do you mean? I'm pretty god damn punk." I said and he gave me a look that was sassier than any thing. "You would rather jump off a cliff than go to a party." He said. "So just because I would rather read a book than go party doesn't make me not punk rock." I said and he scoffed a laugh. "Honey. I am the most punk rock of gays there is. Unless some one from atl, 5sos, or fob comes out. In my eyes you aren't punk. We are making you punk. You will rock the fucking smudged eyeliner. You will own the look of highlighter head. And you will rule the kingdom of ripped clothing." He said like he was delivering a speech about equality. I rolled my eyes as we walked into a hot topic. "You know we have to wear uniforms right?" I said and he stopped. "Listen. Punk rockers don't give any fucks. The do what they want and get what they want. Yeah sure we have our boundaries. But you can't worry." He said as I looked at some of the graphic tees. "So your going to rip up my uniform?" I said jokingly. "Exactly." He said as he started practically drooling over some band bracelets. "I was kidding Trent." I said. "Well I wasn't." He said not losing his attention from the many bracelets. "Ok then..." I said drifting into the merchandise. Soon enough we finished up and payed. "Ok what next princess." I said as Trent laughed. "Ok first of all. The hair place where we can get the right stuff. And second of all. I'm a queen not a princess." He said and I laughed. "I thought Tyler Oakley was queen." He sassily gasped. "Bitch please! I rule this place!" We both laughed until we walked into the hair salon. "How may I help you?" A women asked, smacking her gum with each word. Trent crinkled his nose in disgust as he spoke, "I'm just looking m'mam." He said. I found myself wondering over to some random hair wax stuff. I am not sure how long I spent over there... Because when Trent called me over, he had bags of stuff. "Why the hell do we need all this shit?" I asked. "Because if I'm doing your hair, I'm giving you all the things you need to repeat." He said, "now most punk girls actually wear more makeup than a 5 year old. Sephora it is!" He said. I rolled my eyes. I quickly had to fix my glasses. "Hey! The natural look works." I said. He laughed over dramatically. "Yes but have you seen the actual gorgeous punk girls? They aren't naturally beautiful." He said. I guess I don't make bad school girl work. I guess I am going to be fully transformed. "You are sleeping over at my place." He said as he jumped in excitement when we found the famous makeup store. "You do realise how much this stuff costs?" I said trying to keep up with the amount of pep in his step. "Yeah. But I am paying for it. So you ca relax honey." He said. "Fine." I agreed. He grabbed my wrist and sucked me into a store that reeked of perfume and the dreaded pop music blasting. "Now do you even have any makeup?" He questioned. I shrugged, "not really." He sighed. "Well your about to!" We probably spent an hour in the single store. He kept testing foundations, concealers, and powder on me. And don't forget lip stick, stain, and gloss, and the eye liner and shadow. He grabbed mascara, eye brow sets, fake lashes, blushes, bronzers, brushes, and primers. "Are we done yet?" I asked looking at the huge amount of crap he had in his little basket thing. "Of course! NOT! We need makeup remover and facial wash... And maybe a mask or two. Your skin is oily." He said. "Hey!" I replied. After a dreadful thirty minutes... He finally had everything. I'm not even going to think about the price. His parents are rich AF. So he doesn't have to worry. "Can we please go now?" I complained. "Of course not! You need your eyebrows waxed or threaded... And I will do a bit of plucking later." He said. "You love my pain don't you?" I growled. He smiled and laughed, "it's my fave part of makeovers!"  Michaels pov  "GOD DAMMIT LUKE DID YOU MESS WITH MY GAME?" I shouted as I realised my game play had been tampered with. "No it was Calum!" I heard Luke reply. "Bitch! I told you not to rat me out!" I over heard Calum argue. "I wasn't gonna let Michael kill me because of you!" Luke said as I walked into the kitchen of our la house. "Luke I would kill you anyways." I said and he gasped. Ashton walked in. "Girls your all gorgeous. We have song writing to do and some shopping." He said and I groaned. "I don't need clothes. I need pizza and Netflix." I said. "Luke you go with Michael." Calum said. "But he will kill me." Luke said pouting. I rolled my eyes. "Lucas get in the car." I said grabbing his wrist as we walked out. We hopped into a car out front and Luke was driving. "You do realise we may get killed." He said and I laughed. "Whatever. I am plotting the death of Calum." I said, "and you for that matter." I said smirking. Luke started laughing. "Can we get some pizza!" I asked. "I want some clothing first." He said and I sighed. "Ok." For the rest of the drive to the shops we talked about song ideas and listened to blink 182. "We are here grasshopper," Luke said. "Bitch I'm Senpai and your grasshopper." I said and he laughed. We walked into the mall. I noticed that 'She looks so Perfect' was playing on the main speakers. "Luke! Our song is playing! In a random mall!" I said excitedly. We both pumped out fists in the air. Luke suddenly stopped. "But this band sucks ass." He said smirking. I laughed and pushed him slightly. As we wondered a girl full on bumped into me. "Trent! You dumbass! You pulled me into some guy!" The girl said. The dude stopped on his tracks. The girl was straightening her uniform. I'm guessing she went to the school I used to, same uniform. "G-grace look at who you just ran into!" The dude... Trent said. The girl looked up and her eyes widened. "OMFG Luke and Michael or Michael and Luke or gahhhh," she said. Luke started laughing, "clearly Luke and Michael because I'm awesome." He said, "you wish." I mumbled and the grace chick laughed. "Omg can Trent and I get a pic with you guys?" She asked. "Of course!" Luke and I said in unison. We took the pic, the girl whispered something in the guys ear and he laughed. "You guys are cute together." Luke said. They looked at each other and burst out into laughter. Luke and I looked confused. "Him?!" The girl asked. "I'm a flaming homosexual." the dude said. I started laughing and high fived the dude. Trent I'm pretty sure. "Oh uh sorry." Luke said. "It's totally fine!" Grace and Trent said in unison. "Well... We gotta get going!" The grace girl said. For some reason I felt kinda sad. She seemed pretty awesome. "Awww that sucks, will you be at any of our shows?" Luke asked. Trent and grace shook their heads. "Nah. We don't have the money, we're just broke high school students." Trent said. I leaned over to luke. "They seem pretty awesome. We could hook em up with those extra back stage passes." I said and he nodded. They were starting o walk away. I ran after to catch up. "Hey wait!" I said drawing their attention. "Yeah!" Grace asked. "Luke and I happen to have extra back stage passes! Would you two want them?" I said and Trent gasped and air screamed as grace joined in. "I'm guessing that is a yes." I said. 
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