A werewolf tail

A girl named Silver goes on an adventure with her father. She's a werewolf looking to join a pack, but what she doesn't know is she's about to become the leader- of the most powerful pack on earth.


2. No!


           I stared at my father for a long time and finally gathered enough courage to run. Even though I knew it would it would be pointless I kept running until I thought my lungs were going to burst, though I kept going, knowing very well that my father would easily be able to catch up to me in no time at all. The entire time I was shouting "No! No! No! No!" My hamster squeaked at my father angrily and flew from my shoulder onto his arm and took a fierce bite. My father ignored the bleeding bite mark on his arm and simply grabbed my hamster in his hand. My hamster screamed his anger at the top of his tiny lungs. I slowed enough to create a magic protection spell and once the spell was set I finally stopped. "You are a good runner" my father told me as he caught up to me a few seconds later. He reached out his hand, only to be stung by the magic protection bubble that glowed a silver/gray color that sparkled whenever touched from the outside. " Here, he's a feisty little thing" He told me, holding out my hamster. I lowered the bubble just long enough to grab my hamster from his large hand, but I wasn't fast enough and he grabbed my hand while using his magic to lower the bubble completely. My hamster scrambled up my arm to my shoulder, then angrily chattered his little white teeth at my father, all the while making my father laugh. I knew better to yank my hand away, but I looked for any way to manipulate him to let go. His hand was strong and large, like the rest of him. " There is no need to be scared, it's Ok" he told me and let go of my hand. I took a step back, ready to run again should there be a need to, but he simply made a staircase of ice and led me up to the top of a tree were we sat on a branch. I sat next to the staircase in case I needed to make a run for it, but he used fire to melt the staircase and made a shield around us they would not allow me to use magic. I was stuck up in a tree with my father. " I have just come from Alaska, I was practicing my ice magic. It is your thirteenth birthday, is it not?"  I nodded.  " You will be coming with me to Greenland, we have some of our kind there, you see, a long time ago our pack was split up in a war, this is the larger half. We are going to live with the smaller half, your mother will remain here" I did not imagine things to be this way. I thought he was going to be mean to me. This might be fun. I thought. " I agree" my father told me. I looked at him in surprise. " You did not know we could read others minds? Oh, yes. You won't have the ability until you are officially thirteen, you were born at twelve o clock on the dot, so you have exactly five hours before you receive most of your powers." he told me. We didn't say anything for about five minutes. " We have to leave as soon as your mother comes back." Father finally broke the ice. " Enjoy your last five hours" he told me and let go of the magic shield. I made an ice cloud and sat on it, floating on it till it reached the ground. I felt my hamster snuggle into my jacket pocket as soon as we were out of range of my fathers magic and I reached in to pet him. He was warm. I wish I could have a conversation with him. Then I remembered, I can! I found a lemon leaf and a cherry tree stick, then I stuck the leaf on the stick and stood a foot away from my hamster as he rested on a low hanging branch. I fed the leaf to him from the stick and immediately picked him up. " I do not like your father" he told me. I simply smiled at him. " Can I have some carrots? They are my favorite!" He told me. " Of course!" I replied this time and went oner to the fridge and pulled out some carrots. I the did a calling howl to my mother. I heard he soft, light answering howl telling me to wait. I could wait. I could wait forever. " More please" came a voice behind me. I made a big bowl of grapes, bananas, cherries, carrots, celery, and pickles all cut up into small pieces, picked up my hamster, walked over to the couch, turned on the TV, put my hamster in the bowl, put the bowl on the couch chair next to me and finally relaxed on my own sofa. " Thank you" squeaked snow's tiny voice next to me. " Your welcome." I don't know what happened but I guess I drifted off to sleep sometime during commercial, now I woke up to see my father and mother glaring at each other from either side of the living room. Almost at once they noticed I was awake and my mother ran over and gave me a hug. " It's 9:59" she told me. I had one more minute before I was about to belong to my father! One more minute and I was about to receive my full powers! Suddenly, almost all to sudden, that minute was over. I felt as iff the world had come to an end. I felt as though I was floating on a cloud, on my way to heaven. All too soon that feeling ended and I could feel my father slipping on the slave ring/ bracelet. I fought back a bit but knew it was no use. It had a ring that went onto my middle finger and a bracelet that connected with a brass and silver ring around my wrist. It had three wolf heads on it. There was also a lock on it. There was no way to take it off without the key, and my father had the key. My father then handed me a small white box with a silver trim. Inside was a picture of a young girl of whom I recognized to be my mother when she was little. My father picked up the picture and placed it on top of the metal above the fireplace. " Your mother loves you very much, she loved you a lot back then too. You where hers." He said, eyeing my mother. " But not anymore" he said, looking at me now. " Your mine now." He is right. I belong to him now. I belong to my father now.


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