I'm here for you Sammy



1. Chapter 1


I could hear my brother Dean calling me but I stood frozen staring at the ground. I had just had another one of my visions but this time it was different. This time it was about Dean.

The vision had started out with Dean and I in a dark room tied to chairs with our backs to each other, and then a small light flickered on above our heads and I heard a hard thump and a groan of pain behind me.

"Dean?! Dean you okay?!" I shouted. There was no answer. Panic pushed me to struggle even more. The ropes keeping me tied to the chair dug into my wrists slicing deep cuts into them and making me cry out in pain, but I kept struggling. I had to get out of here. I had to make sure Dean was okay.

"Hey calm down there Sammy." A voice said. A chill ran down my spine and my whole body stilled.

"Who are you?! What did you do to my brother?!" I yelled.

"Relax Sammy Dean-o here is fine he's just passed out." The voice said. "And I think you know exactly who I am." The voice sneered. I cringed when I felt the strangers breath on the back of my neck. There was definitely something familiar about the voice though.

Realization slapped me in the face and knocked the breath out of me.

"A-azazel?" I stuttered out. Fear coursed through me. A horrible laugh broke out from behind me and I grit my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut trying to block the sound out.

"You know Sammy you really are the smart one." The yellow eyes demon chuckled. He kicked the leg of Dean's chair and I heard a grunt.

"Dean?!" I called out to him.

More grunts followed my panicked cry for my brother but then I heard his deep voice from somewhere just out of reach.

"Sammy? W-where are we?" He said. I heard another thump before I could even answer him and I began to panic again. Dean let out a loud startled cry letting me know he was in pain but still conscious.

"Dean I'm sorry! I'm so sorry this is about me not you. You shouldn't have to even be here. This is my problem." I said in a hurry to get the words out in case Dean lost consciousness again.

"Sammy I'm here for you...I'm not going anywhere." He said. Tears slid down my face and I mumbled out a weak "Dean..." Before I heard a sickening wet sound followed by a series of chokes and coughs.

"Dean! No! Azazel please don't do this! I'll do anything!" I screamed.

Finally he stood in front of me and grinned. "It's too late Sammy. Dean's dead...because of you."

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