Nicole got pregnant by Luke Hemmings baby Luke was never around when Nicole was pregnant an by Nicole due date she gave birth to a baby but sadly gave it up and now Maddie the baby they gave up overhears a conversation when her adoptive mom say they she was adopted what happens when she wants to find mom and dad if she does will it change the sweet little girl


1. Maddie

Nicole pov

"Once you give this baby girl up for adoption there's no do overs" Dr.Edly told me sternly

"I just wanna go home" I cried

"Ok we'll get the paperwork the" doctor said before leaving the room

"DAMN LUKE WHY ME" I screamed to myself

Luke is on tour without a care in the world and now Luke and I are never gonna see our baby again. Is it wrong that I still miss him.



the baby girl that Nicole gave birth to 6 years ago

Is now 6 years old named Maddie living with her mom dani no dad now living in Sydney Australia while Nicole is still living in Sydney Australia too and Luke is still living the dream.


MOMMY Maddie cried

i quickly ran to to her room "what's wrong?"

"Bad dream she replies"

"your ok get some rest do you wanna watch a movie with mommy?"

"Yay ok but can I have popcorn"

"sure honey"


I was waiting for the popcorn to come but it was taking forever so I take my blanket off me and pause the movie

I was about to walk in the kitchen when I heard my mommy voice say

"Girl I told you I tell Maddie when she's older right now she's to young to find out she's adopted"

"No I'm not saying who the parents are when she finds out"

"Listen I'm not saying that 6 years ago some local teenage girl gave up her baby plus if anyone found out who the father is my baby girl will never be left alone with paparazzi crowding her".

"Im doing just fine rising her" my so called mum says as she hangs up

My heart broke in a million pieces my mom wasn't my mom I'm confused I went in the kitchen

My mom saw me

"Hey babe popcorn is almost ready"

"Okay" I say

"Oh I call melting the butter"I faked smiled





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