the flowers in my lungs

a twist on the quote "you made flowers grow in my lungs, and while they're beautiful, i can't breathe".

first published on hellopoetry, here:


1. the flowers in my lungs

you make me so unbelievably happy
that flowers have started growing everywhere; 
in the vase you left on my windowsill, 
in the pillowcase you used last time you slept here, 
and in my body, my heart, my lungs. 
the air is cleaner, the sky clearer,
i can breathe again. 
every so often, i cut a daisy 
from around my throat and put it in my hair. 
i use them as a reminder 
of what you mean to me. 
the oxygen in my lungs mixing
with the soil and stems and leaves and petals. 
i use them to make me feel alive.

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