Instagram (the other life)

For those of you who love the Dolan twins, this is your book! If you don't know them, look em up! Who read Instagram?! Here's the 2nd! But a different life!


1. chapter 1

I dip my toe into the freezing pool. "It's c-c-cold!" I shutter. "Nah, you get used to it." He says. I put my legs in. The sun was bright and scorched that day. "I'm freezing!" I say flipping my hair. "Your such an over exaggerator, meg!" He says laughing. "Hey!" I say raising my eyebrow. I scoop up the fridged water into my hand, then I tops it at his head. "Hey!" He laughed. I giggle. Then, he goes under, and disappeared. The water wasn't clear today. "Gray?!" I call. I look around more. "Grayson?!" I cry. "GRAYSON!" I yell getting impatient. I feel clammy hands grab my feet, and pull me under. I bob back up, gasping for breath. "Grayson!" I say wiping my mascara away. "I got you!" He laughed pointing at me. I fold my arms and turn away. "Aw, Meg!" He said wiping away my mascara, too. I guess I an kinda stubborn. "Not the silent treatment! Really?!" Grayson questions. He hugs me. "Meg!" He says putting his chin on my head. We have been best friends since kindergarten. Grayson, ethan, and I. Ethan is his twin brother. They are really cute. "Fine, I forgive you!" I say twisting him around and placing his hands on my hips. "Yay!" He laughed. I smile. "But only cause your cute." I say tilting my head.

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