My brothers best friend.

Meet Luke Hemmings 16 year old little sister, Lela Hemmings.

Blond haired, blue eyed Hemmings.

2 months ago, Luke left on tour with his band, 5 seconds of summer.

Today, Lela left on a plane to join them.
What happens when she starts falling for one of Luke's best friends?



1. 0.1

As I stepped of the plane cool, fresh air welcomed me. I smiled and took a deep breath.

It didn't take long for me to sight my suitcases and hurried over, picking them up. Sighing, I go down a seat of stairs. I somehow find the pick up area and spot a sign with my name on it. I smile and walk to the person.

He's wearing a black suit. I smiled at him and he smiled at me, before taking the suitcase out of my hands.

"Thank you" I smile

"No problem" he says "I'm Ryder, your driver for the next few days"

"Hi Ryder, I'm Lela" I say, shaking my hands.

He smiled and opens the door for me. I step inside the black car. Ryder gets into the left side of the car. It's so weird, I'm so use to the driver being on the right side.

"Sorry the boys couldn't come" Ryder says "security wouldn't allow it, they would've been mobbed"

"It's all good" I smile "thank you for getting me"

"You're welcome" Ryder smiles "I'm just taking you to their tour bus"

I nod and we make casual conversation until we get there. He pulls in front of a huge truck. Ryder opens the doer for me and I thank him. I take a case and he takes the other, but I still keep my satchel around my shoulder. Then, I start walking towards the tour bus. That's when I see a group of 8 males standing there. One catches my attention. I drop all my bags and run towards him. He opens his arms out to me and I jump into them.

"Hi Lela" Luke smiled

"Hi bro"

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