Allie is a girl at school that isn't so popular she don't get bullied but she isn't popular. Allie has blonde hair and the ends are pink. she has pink eyes she was born with it and her friend winter was born with yellow eyes they are both pretty but they are insecure so they wear glasses around what happens when one direction comes to they're school and make fun of her for wearing glasses all the time will she fianally show them


1. chapter 1

today is the second day of high school yesterday was awesome we had a play but people have been saying things like one directions coming today i don't believe them i'll just have to wait and see plus i am in love with harry styles so i hope so.my thoughts were shock out of its place when my best friend chloe came blasting threw my bed room door i knew i should've locked it. "Allie i left my glasses at home i can't show these things in public" she screamed i chuckled to my self before handing her black glasses "thank you u are a life saver" you're probably wondering what the fuck i'm talking about right well me and chloe were born with weird eyes hers yellow and my pink hers is a dark yellow and mines are a little light but a little dark if you know what i mean.

i hurried up and threw on a black floral high waist skirt and my white crop top i brought yesterday i slipped on my white wedges and black loose sweater i to do my hair (like perrie edwards hair when it was blonde and pink you know what i mean)  i put on my glasses and grabbed my iphone 6 and headed out the door followed by chloe i went to my porch and put everything in. "seriously how are we not popular we are basically rich" chloe blurted out shaking our head "first cause we wear glasses second because we don't wanna be popular it will just expose our eye i like to let people think were blind" i said back "well how can you drive if your blind dumbass" she said in a harsh tone i shook it off and drove to the school when we got there we got out the car and i seen a tour bus that said ONE DIRECTION!!. me and chloe had to pretend we did not see them until my glasses fell off and harry came to pick them up for me. "thank you"i said "you're welcome are you blind love" he asked nicely "ummm no" i said ready to confess i couldn't lie to him then Aaliyah the schools bitch jumped in "oh so your not blind i knew she was just a freak" she screams everyone starts laughing and chanting "liar"i turn and yell at chloe "it's time" she just nodded and looked down i turned around and took off my glasses revealed my eyes staring straight into harry's eyes. harry's mouth dropped and he just stared at them to make sure they're real "they're real" i said 'they're beautiful" chloe stepped up and showed her eyes harry gasped "they're's too of ya" he scream niall came up and scream "shut up mate can we go eat im hungry ya kno-" he stopped we our eyes met he looked at me then chloe then ran in fear me and chloe walked around harry and straight to class.


hey whenever i get 1 like i promise ill update love ya my directioners

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