Glass Statuettes [poem]

About how we don't value people near us and realize how dear they were after they were gone.

# Winner of the Poetry category in "Poetry, Lyrics, and Songwriting Competiton" (07.08.2015)

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Glass statuettes

were standing on my shelf.

Some were there

                before I was born.

Some I picked up

                going through life.

I perceived that there’d be time

when I’d lose each one by one.


I took them all

for granted.



                                A noise

of broken glass –

a statuette in a shape of a cat

had fallen on the ground.

I felt


I cried

                my heart out,

However, time swept anguish away

leaving just a small wound.




                               and shame –

are buried deep in my mind.

“Everything is granted,”

                branded inside my skull.



Another fell –


Its fragment stuck deep –

my heart bled.

I regretted

lost time.

I hated


I swore

to change.

I prayed

for more time.


I’m afraid

one more statuette

is about to fall........













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