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2. Frenemies

Frenemy - someone who is nice to your face and insults you behind your back (two faced backstabbing b*tch).


A good example would be from Mean Girls; Regina says to a girl that she loves her skirt, then when the girl is gone, she says to Cady that it was a horrible skirt.

Another would be from Phi's personal experience. My best friend thought it would be a good idea to spread a rumour that I was pregnant (not true). I had been friends with this girl for four years. I knew she had a mean streak but I never thought she would turn on me. I learnt a very valuable lesson that day - never underestimate anyone.

And one from Lexi's personal experience.  My good friend thought it would be nice to tell everyone I cheated on my exam (not true). This may not seem like a big deal but friends shouldn't do that to friends. Frenemies come in all shapes and sizes, never forget that.


Now, how do we deal with people like this?

- Firstly, see if they are like that to anyone else. If so, it's a personality trait and you need to decide if the friendship is worth saving.

-Secondly, talk to them and tell them how they have made you feel. Give them a chance to change, if they don't, stop talking to them.

-Thirdly, drop them straight away because, as Phi so 'elegantly' put it; "no one needs that sh*t."

Alternatively, slap the cow. This is NOT an effective way to deal with it but, damn, is it good for your soul!


If it becomes bullying, talk to a teacher or your parents. If it's at work, talk to your manager.

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