Show Me The Light

Many years have passed since that memorable Christmas Eve when Rudolph led Santa's sleigh through Stormella's blizzard. Now, he goes from the troubles of childhood to the troubles of parenthood. Zoey has given him two beautiful fawns; a son and a daughter named Noel and Bell. Born with a red nose like her father, everyone expects Bell to led the team in her father's place one day. There's just one problem: she doesn't know how to make her nose glow! Can she show courage, character, and a heart that's true when her father disappears two days before Christmas?! Will her friends, Thorn, Bucky, and Juniper help her find the leader buried within her? Bell doesn't have answers to either of these questions as her search brings her face to face with one of winter's oldest and most cunning beings; Jack Frost.

I only own Juniper, Rowan, Holly, Blaze, and this depiction of Jack Frost.
The rest belong to TC-96 on


2. School Days

"Good morning, yearlings."

"Good morning, Mrs. Prancer."

"Very good, now let's start our day off with a fun little activity," the large doe smiled, "we're going to get to know one another."

"How is that fun," AJ snorted, throwing his nose in the air, "sounds like a waste of time to me."

Ignoring the buck, Mrs. Prancer continued, "Why don't we start with you."

The doe pointed at a small buck with the lightest brown fur Bell had ever seen. It was almost cream in color with a sandy underbelly and a dark brown stripe going down his back. His eyes were a faded green, and seemed to hold a certain cloud within them. He blinked, not speaking up. Bell wondered if perhaps he was shy. Rowan gave a frown and left AJ's side to join the buck.

"Juniper," she whispered, "she's pointing at you."

"Well how was I supposed to know that," the buck whispered back, speaking up, "My name is Juniper. My grandparents are Dasher and Comet. And yes, before any of you ask, I am blind."

Blinking in surprise, Bell shared a look with Thorn and Bucky. This buck couldn't see?! Thorn gave a sympathetic sigh and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well," Mrs. Prancer cleared her throat, "why don't we continue with you?"

"My name is Rowan. I'm Juniper's twin."

"More like watchdog," the smaller buck mumbled under his breath, "seriously."

Bell listened as each of her classmates revealed their names and an interesting fact. Most of them had grandfathers on the sleigh team while others came from humble families.

"All right, you're next."

Puffing out his chest, AJ strutted to the front of the classroom and smirked, "My name is Arrow Jr., but I prefer AJ. And I'm going to become the next lead flyer!"

"Well now," Mrs. Prancer chuckled, "that's quite the dream."

"It's not a dream," AJ scowled, "it's a goal. And I'm going to reach it if it kills me!"

"As if," Vixen's granddaughter sneered, "the only way you'll be lead is if you've got a glowing nose."

"Yeah," Donner's grandson joined in, "Bell's going to be the next lead flyer! Just like her dad!"

Frowning, Bell tried her best to avoid AJ's glare.

"Come on, everyone," Rowan stepped forward, a soft smile on her face, "don't be like that. We all have our own goals and dreams. What kind of deer tries to tear down someone else's?"

Her classmates avoided her gaze, suddenly ashamed.

"I think AJ has an admirable goal,"she continued, "And I won't be at all surprised when he becomes lead flyer."

"You said when," Tanner, Donner's Grandson sneered, "don't you mean if?"

"Nope," Rowan smiled brightly, surprising the buck, "I meant when."

Snorting, AJ returned to his seat.

As Rowan joined him, he snarled in her ear, "I was perfectly capable of handling that myself!"

"I know," she smiled, "I'm sorry. I'll let you handle it next time."

"You'd better."


As the bell rang to release the yearlings, Juniper waited until the sounds of his classmate's hoofsteps faded away before making his own way out of the schoolhouse.

"Juniper," his ear twitched as Mrs. Prancer approached him, "would you like me to walk you home?"

"No thank you," he replied curtly, "I know the way."

Before the teacher could insist, the young buck walked away and down the now familiar road. Lifting his nose, he closed his eyes and searched for the familiar scent of the bakery. Once it drifted on the wind, he made a right and continued to walk. He and his father had traveled this path many times before he started school. Blaze understood that the buck didn't want to be treated any differently for his blindness, and had even convinced his overbearing mother, Holly, to allow him to walk to and from school by himself.

"Juniper," he sighed when his mother's concerned cry reached him, "thank goodness you're home! You're late!"

"Holly darling," Blaze's deep voice was a welcome sound, "the boy is no later than usual. And he's home, so stop worrying."

Holly took a deep breath before smiling, "I suppose you're right. Come little one, and warm yourself by the fire."

Knowing it would be easier to obey rather than fight his mother, the small buck followed her into the house. Blaze gave his son a reassuring smile, though he knew he couldn't see it. Turning his gaze back out into the town, he searched for any sign of his daughter. Rowan was probably hiding from Holly, who would no doubt begin the doe's training as soon as she stepped hoof in the house. He sighed and followed his mate over to the fire, watching as she began to groom her younger fawn.

"Where is Rowan," Holly sighed, glancing up at the clock, "she won't have any time to practice her leaping if she doesn't come home soon."

"Holly," the dark buck shook his head, "let her be a fawn, at least for a little while. I bet she's just hanging out with all the new friends she made at school today."

"Yeah," Juniper sneered, "all one of them. She was hanging around AJ today."

"Arrow's son," Blaze blinked in surprise, "isn't he older than all of you?"

His son shrugged, "I don't know. All I know is that he's got quite a temper."

"Sounds familiar," Holly smiled, lost in memories, "I remember when Arrow was his age; always thinking he was better than everyone else."

"He would have been quite the racer, if he didn't cheat at the Reindeer Games."

"Ah," his mate sighed, "the Reindeer Games. Those were the days," she glanced up at the clock once again, "I sure hope Rowan comes home soon."


"Found you Bell!"

The dark colored doe giggled as she leaped out of her hiding spot,Thorn hot on her trail. The girls laughed as they searched for Bucky.

"He's really good at this, isn't he?"

Thorn sighed, "He's had a lot of practice."

Before Bell could ask what she meant, a soft giggle off to her right caught her attention. Smirking, she turned and slunk up to the large barrel sitting by her house. Peeling the lid off, she peered in to smile at Noel. The buck gave a squeak of surprise as his sister nuzzled him.

"Found you, Noel!"

"Found you," her brother repeated, "found you!"

Helping him out of the barrel, a flash of dark fur caught her eye. Turning, she noticed Rowan prancing by.

"Hey Rowan," the doe paused to smile in Bell's direction, "we're playing hide-and-seek! Want to join us?"

"Actually, I was heading home," she sighed, her tail flicking in annoyance, "before my mom sends out a search party."

"Oh," Thorn chuckled, "she one of those overprotective types?"

"Only when it comes to Juniper. She just wants me to get back to training for the reindeer games."

"You're going to compete?"

"Of course," the tan doe snorted, pawing the ground, "not like I have much of a choice. Mom really wants me to land a spot on the sleigh team. Says I'll be the first doe to pull it off."

"That would be really cool," Bell nodded, keeping an eye on Noel as he greeted the new yearling, "don't you want that?"

Greeting the approaching buck with a nuzzle, Rowan's ears fell slightly, "Maybe...I don't know."

"Well," Thorn smiled, "what would you do if you couldn't get on the sleigh team?"

Blushing, Rowan backed away from the group, "I should really be heading home. See you guys at school tomorrow."

As she trotted away, Thorn and Bell shared a confused glance.

"Wonder what that was about."

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