The dancer (a niall horan arranged marriage)

When 17 year old ABT soloist Emma's parents decide to arrange a marriage with 21 year old Niall Horans parents. Will they find love or will everything go wrong.


1. Hi

Hi my names emma I'm the youngest soloist at ABT in the past 20 years I just turned 17. I live for dance that's all I never party and never had a boyfriend, that's part of the problem most parents want there daughter focused on something other then boys, sex and parties. My parents want me to go partying every night and to have a boyfriend, but I just want to dance. People think it's crazy that I don't know about all of the latest teen gossip. Girls at ABT are trying to introduce me to the newest rings but I just zone out, so they don't try as hard now one of the most mentioned things they talk about is one direction. I guess they are a British boy band or something, idk anything about them I think there are six boys in the band( I know that's there are only five but she doesn't know them so no hate).

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