Warrior Cats: Rising Fire

My friend (let's call her Flamepool) wanted to join Movellas, but she wasn't allowed, so I'm posting her story for her.


1. Allegiances



Littleleaf - Small white, brown and tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes 

Snowfur - Pretty white she-cat with blue eyes. 



Tinyclaw- Black tom with unusually small claws 

Lionfur – Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes  

Runningflight – Fast black tom with grey eyes 

Littleflight – Very little white and gold tom with amber eyes. 

Redfeather- Red dappled she-cat with green eyes. The best hunter in the clan 

Rosethorn - Red she-cat with yellow eyes  

Spottedheart – Tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes 

Windleaf – White she-cat with black patches. 

Swiftflight- silver tom with blue eyes 

Mudfur – Brown tabby tom with brown eyes 

Spottedfire – Ginger she-cat with red spots. 

Nightfur-Black tom with dark eyes 

Fernbush – Light brown tabby she-cat 

Thistleflight- Silver and Black she-cat with fur sticking out at all angles 




Dragonclaw- Black tom with green eyes and sharp claws 

Featherheart – Light grey she-cat. 

Tigerstripe – Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes 

Duskflower- Black she-cat with amber eyes 

Nightsky- Black tom flecked with white 

Patchwing – Grey and white tom with orange eyes. 

Whiteblaze- White tom with pale grey eyes 

Rippleflower – Grey she-cat with blue eyes. 

Starblaze- White, ginger and tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes 



Sandstripe – Light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. 

Oakfoot – Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes 

Greypelt – Grey tom with green eyes. 

Cloudwhisker – White tom with green eyes. 

Bluethorn – Light grey she-cat with bluey patches and amber eyes. 

Talonslash- Black and white tom, very bold 

Birchtail- Light brown tabby she-cat with dark brown eyes 

Bluewhisker- Grey tom with bluey patches and brown eyes 

Bloodsong- Red she-cat with blue eyes 

Blackfur- Sleek black tom with amber eyes 

Tallflower- Dark brown she-cat 

Barkclimb- Brown tabby tom with yellow eyes 

Clawfoot – Black she-cat with huge claws. 

Skystream – White pretty she-cat with blue eyes and a grey muzzle. 

Leaftail – Red tabby tom with amber eyes 



Sparkslash- Tortoiseshell tom with white patches (Prey-Guard) 

Spidereye- Black tom with brown eyes (Prey-Hunter) 

Whitefeather- White she-cat with amber eyes (Prey-Hunter) 

Lightpatch- Dark grey she-cat with a single white patch on hershoulder (Guard)



Heatherstone- Light brown she-cat with blue eyes 

Snowstorm- Completely white she-cat, very pretty. Expecting Greypelt’s kits 

Gingerpelt- Ginger she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Lionfur’s kits, Flame (ginger tabby she-cat), Ember (black, brown and ginger tabby shecat with one amber eye and one green), Shadow (Black she-cat), Thorn (brown tabby tom) and Eagle (Brown tabby tom) 

Fireleap- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Bluewhisker’s kits, Ash (grey and white she-cat) and Pond (Bluey tom) 



Tawnyfoot- Tortoiseshell tom with brown eyes 

Hollyfeather- Light brown she-cat with blue eyes 

Bluegaze- White tom with an icy blue stare 

Squirreltail- Ginger she-cat with green eyes 

Raggedfur- Brown tabby tom with black parts on fur, one eyebrown the other blue. 

Notail- Grey she-cat with blue eyes and no tail 




Adder- Small ginger tom with lighter underbelly and yellow eyes 

Fuzz- Long-haired brown she-cat with blue eyes, kittypet at the twolegplace  

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