Bad boy | c•h |

Calum wanted to be known for who he was and not for the school's bad boy will he change for some one or stay the same one day Calum met Catherine at school and she stole his heart

Will Calum change for Catherine or will he stay the same?


1. last day of summer

Calum pov

I woke up to my annoying alarm clock i don't remember what happened yesterday but i don't want to know i look at my alarm clock to see what time it is 6:30 am i checked my phone and noticed i had 3 missed calls from the boys and text messages too

Michael : bro where are you

Ashton : Calum where the heck are you

Luke : your late to band practice

I decide to. head over to Luke's. house when I got there I was greeted by Joy Lukes mom

"sweetie the boys are in the basement practicing

"bro where have you been we've been looking for you " Ashton says

" sorry guy's i was at home having a lazy day " i said

" and you didn't invite us" Mickey said feeling offended

"yup sorry guys " i said

we practiced a bit and then wrnt. home because we go back to school tomorrow and we are all Seniors ash stayed back and didn't graduate last year

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