Paris with love

There were 4 boys:
Calum Hood
Luke Hemmings
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin

and 4 girls:
Crystal Hemmings
Mali Hood
Helen Irwin
Daisy Clifford

1. girls

Name: Crystal Hope Hemmings

Age: 18

hair color : ombré

eye color : hazel with green sparks

height : 5'11

personality : tomboy

type of music: punk rock

band mates: Mali Grace Hood, Helen Ann Irwin

Daisy Joy Clifford

Name: Mali Grace Hood

age: 17

hair: lilac w/ blonde tips

eyes: dark brown

hieght: 5'9

personality: fashionist

type of music: punk rock

band mates: Helen Ann Irwin, Daisy Joy Clifford

Crystal Hope Hemmings

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