Greta… Horan? ( Niall little sister)

When Greta finds out she's adopted what will happen most importantly her older brother Niall Horan is super over protective of her. And now the one and only Liam Payne has a crush on her. What a time


1. Greta

Hi my names Greta thorn. I live a pretty normal American life. I live in LA with my mother Amanda, father john, older brothers, Ben and drake. I'm 18 my birthday is September 5th. My whole family has black hair and green eyes while I have blondish hair and blue eyes. My parents used to really care about my brothers and me, but since both of them are at college now my parents are always working and when they are home they practically ignore me. They give me what ever I want if I stay out of their way, like last week they gave me a brand new car if I stayed somewhere else for the night and now I have six different cars. I really love listening to music. My favorites are, little mix, Taylor swift, Selena Gomez, railroad earth and Sabrina carpenter. I also listen to one direction and 5 seconds of summer. My parents were the ones to introduce me to 5sos coz they had them play at my x-mas party last year so we are all close. I'm not a huge fan of either bands but 5sos are like more brothers to me. I hate fakers, Justin Bieber, snobby rich kids and people who use you just for money. I guess that's all. I also love dancing and am the drummer in my friend and is band ' The Rejects'

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