I'm a WHAT now!?

Holly meets the Avengers but doesn't know it. Loki and Thor try to figure out why she can speak perfect Norwegian, Russian, French and are shocked when they find out. Will they tell her? Will she figure it out before they do?


1. Meeting the Avengers in Central Park

 I was walking through Central Park when all of a sudden Tony Stark pulls me aside to tell me that I can't be in the park. "What do you mean? I can be in the park because it is one of my basic freedoms Stark. If you think I'm going to leave this park just because Iron Man asks me to do so. You have another thing coming." He just looks at me with a look of total shock when someone with a hat and jacket pulls Stark aside and informs him that someone named, Nick Fury, wants to speak to him. "Sorry about Stark, he just doesn't know how to be polite around normal people. You don't have to leave the park just beca... hold on for one second." He starts talking into an earpiece and tries to argue with the person on the other end, which he can't do because the person must have hung up. "Hello, sir. I don't know who you think you are but I have to get home anyway before my foster parents send a search party for me but it was nice meeting you." When I reach the other side of Central Park, there is a figure with a green leather and metal outfit on but the only thing that i really noticed was that he had something covering his mouth.  So being the friendly person that I am, I took the thing off. The guy was really quiet, then I realized who it was. It was the guy who tried to take over New York. Then, I notice him smile and mutter something under his breath. I heard him perfectly and I responded and he looked at me weird. Next thing I know someone else walks up to stand beside him and he kindly asks me to put the metal thing back on his friends mouth. " I will put it back on but only if I get information about you in return. Have we got a deal?"  They both agree and soon we began talking up a storm. I found out their names, Thor was the guy who always wore the red cape with metal chain links and Loki is the guy who tried to take over New York. Then I put the metal plate back on Loki's mouth before he could say anything else. Thor all of a sudden looked at me and asked if Loki had said anything earlier. I told him what Loki said and Thor looked at me with wide eyes, "Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with my face?" " No, nothing is wrong, but you just spoke Norwegian perfectly and that language has been forgotten by most humans." I tried to get a better explanation but they disappeared right in front of me. So, after that weird encounter, I went home that way my parents wouldn't yell at me, but while I was walking I couldn't help wondering what Thor meant when he said I spoke Norwegian perfectly.

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