My life as a Hood.

This story can either go two ways
1) it can become a typical cheesy love story.
2) it can be a crazy adventurous realistic love story with both passion and real life problems that can occur at any moment.

Will cara be part of the first or second choice. Her story begins with a road trip with bad events occurring throughout how will she cope with her famous brother constantly questioning her about the events in america or block Luke's feelings towards her away or will she be fooled by the mysterious boy at the graveyard?


1. prologue

Hey , I'm cara hood I'm 18, I have olive skin long black hair and hazel eyes, I'm around 5ft 7 maybe and I've got a "twin" brother Calum hood.

Some stuff about me is that I'm exactly like him but not as the same time, its hard to explain but yeah.

I play bass , guitar and i do some song writing and sketching in my free time (which is all the time).

Ive been on a road trip with my best friends Martyna , Vilija and Sandra. We've been on this road trip for now 5 years and its been awesome so far and now were visiting home finally.

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