A Pale Moon

18-year-old Hermione Granger has left Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the exciting life of a college student. With Harry and Ron remaining her best of friends, she embarks on a new journey, and uncovers even more mysteries than she ever thought possible.

Not only is she mixed up with the drama of her college life but a new threat has come to light in the Wizarding World. Talk of dementor-like creatures soon reaches Hermione, and it is her who is left alone to uncover the secrets of not only the creatures, but of the Ministry Of Magic, and how sinister it really is.


1. Running

I ran so fast. It is only now that I realise how fast I was really going. Adrenalin coursing through me, heart beating rapidly in my chest, beads of sweat blanketing my face. The wind whipped around me, almost painful, if it wasn't for the bubble of determination wrapped around me. The city was so beautiful at night. The ugliness of reality hidden in darkened alleys and behind closed doors.

Twinkling lights glittered across the sky, a blur to me. I knew they weren't moving, that my swift pace was what made the stars look so alive. Nevertheless, I made a wish. As I raced through the shadowed city I imagined what everyone always does. Happiness. Because, like our beloved city, we become filled with these corners. These glimpses of darkness that no one can see.

My legs ached, my chest pounded with effort. The noise of the city was muted, a buzzing noise in the distance. Drunk men and women leered towards me, offering drinks, more curtains to hide the corners. I shrank away, holding onto the image of Harry's smile. And as I reached my destination I turned around and looked at what I was running from.

Standing there in front of me was a mirage, flickering under a pool of light. I walked slowly towards this figure and held up my hand. It did the same. Then I laughed. I screeched and bellowed, crying with all the joy I felt. I watched this poor mirage do the same. I observed the stiffness of its laugh, the sharpness of its movements. I forced a wave of memories, emotions, and willed them to surge at the imposter. Adventures with Harry and Ron swirled around in my head like a sandstorm. The figure came apart, threads moving like wisps away into the air. Twisting and twirling, floating into oblivion.

It continued to laugh, but the movements softened, laugh lines emerged from its smooth, pale face. It looked at me and smiled. No strings pulling it in place. It grinned and smiled and laughed, radiating emotions I hadn't felt in a long time. Lastly came the wave. A hand, a single hand, left hovering, tilting left and right, until that too, blew away.

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