1. summer vacation💃🏼

Finally schools out for summer and I'm going on vacation!!

Well hi. Im Amnesia I just finished my exams in school so I'm going to Australia.

Every summer me , my mum , my dad would always chose a new country to visit every summer. In that holiday we would spend the whole summer there and we always seem to find a relative in every one to stay at.

~~~~skip plane ride~~~~

"Thank god were finally here!" My mum said with my dad agreeing. We walked down the stairs from the plane and past security into the luggage area to grab our suitcases.

"So amnesia , we haven't been completely honest with you ." My dad spoke up as we entered the taxi to my aunts house.

"What are you saying dad?" I questioned him and he had a smug look on his face along with my mum which I'm not gonna lie kinda freaked me out a bit.

"Well its our holiday and your new home." My mum said smiling while hugging my dad beside me. I stared at them for what seemed like hours. I mean yeah Australia is my dream place but i never thought of actually living here.

"Honey , you'll be staying with your aunt while me and your father will be going on a business trip but we'll be coming back in a few months.

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